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Caribbean Cruise Line


Scam charges

Complaint Rating:  90 % with 72 votes
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Caribbean Cruise Line
United States
Received a Free Cruise Voucher for Caribbean Cruise Line and listened to entire pitch about the cruise and stay in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, Nassau Bahamas and stay in Orlando Florida and Las Vegas NV for the future. After saying how great that would be I was told it would all be $899.00 plus $99.00 a piece for port taxes per person I asked what happened to the FREE cruise and was told that the cruise was but the hotels and such were not. Since my husband has a kidney disease that is eventually fatal I fell for the whole thing wanting to take him on a short trip away from home but realized after spending the money on our limited income that it was a ripoff and and the $1300 voucher amount was designated to be spent exactly where they wanted it to be spent. Supposedly there is no way to get out of it, but we really can't afford this on fixed income and I feel for the usual pushy sales push wanting to do something great for my sick husband. Shame on these people!!
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D  24th of Sep, 2009 by    -3 Votes
thats your fault and its not a scam you get the free cruise but there not paying port taxes and that other ### which is something you musttttt!!! PAY when you go on a cruise so yeah there were just selling you the exteneded part of the cruise which you didnt have to buy you just had to pay prot taxes which is for the both of you $118 plus hotel charges also transportation. plus tthe lowest one you can pick is 597 which is managers discount prive you chose to get that package you fault deal with it i used to work for them. also you don't have to use that voucher its for any of the 3 exteneded trips and you chose the 2nd most expensive there is also a 798 one and 998 and its not 899 plus 100 thats if you choose to bring another person on the cruise 3 or 4 and also its 898 flat out not 899 and another thing there is payment plans you can hold it off until you get back on your feet, you just think its a scam cause its free cal toll free number 18004258200 i think
N  6th of Oct, 2009 by    -1 Votes
It is a scam, that is so clear. I received the voucher yesterday and was amazed because I never filled any coupon or lottery, out of curiosity I called that toll free number and inquired if I was sent that voucher by mistake, they said "oh, no you were chosen randomly because of your credit record and ur profession" I was like Watttt!! It is my first month in this Country and I just got my credit card 2 weeks ago and I have no credit history neither I have taken frequent flights or cruises!!! that is a bull ###,

secondly they will ask you to give them ur credit card number to reserve it for 18 months and it will charge me only 59 $ what the heck!!! which reputable company would do that c'mmon????

and above all you dont have any time to think u have to do it just on first phone call otherwise they would give THIS ATTRACTIVE PACKAGE to next caller, HA HA HA HA HA very funny, and you know what if you ask them to hold they will wait for you for hours, what a free time these employees get in SUCH A BUSY COMPANY !!

they sound very confident and will ask you to check on internet for confirmation,
do check it, you will find 100s of people writing abt this particular scam!!

Guys please Open ur eyes and ventilate ur brain before falling into these traps,
If any one ask you for Credit card number just RUNNNN !!! as fast as you can!!
N  14th of Oct, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I had a great time. i got exactly what I paid for. All accomodations for a week for two for only $498. I recommend this cruise and vacation highly.
N  14th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I also had a wonderful time. The cruise is free except for the tax. Then they offered me a package for a week in South Florida..with a car, lodging and food. I prefer credit cards cause it protects me...isn't that what a credit card is for. I authorized it on audiotape and received everything as they promised.

The guy above me who thinks it's a scam...well...you are one nutty buddy. HSN, airlines, hotels all ask for credit cards. You can run...I think I will enjoy the logo on my card to protect me.
D  20th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I can't wait!!

I settled everything this evening. I was contacted by telephone to do a survey, normally I would hangup but I am glad I didn't. I was told someone within a few days would call me so I could get registered for my free cruise. Twice they called me but it was a recording each time asking me to call them back for my "free Cruise" at 1-800-610-5257. Finally tonight when I answered, there was a live person on the other end. Apparently that 18-00# cannot be accessed from Canada. The # for Canadians is 1800-221-8200. They are giving me an extended 1 night on board the cruise with $100 onboard credit for the casino and I am paying $274 per person to stay at the Ramada in Ft. Lauderdale for 2 nights with a rental vehicle as well as a rental for my 2 nights at the Ramada in Orlando, within walking distance from Disney World. I have 2 years to book the date I wish to go, and a 3 days review period to cancel with full refund. The paid $166 tonight and have 2 years to pay the rest. I know this is not a scam... I can visit www.myfl123.com to view my itinerary and cruise info.
N  27th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I came to pose as someone who made out great on this claim. That it was a cool trip and everything went fine and this is not a scam. Now that I'm here around some honest people who were screwed, I can't do it. Especially the lady who lost her husband.

I'm no whore for scam businesses. I'm not going to do something dishonest.

It's a scam.
N  30th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I think that it should be stated up front all the fees. I just got in the mail stating a free trip from florida to the bahamas from this company.I have been reading post. . I am currently on a budget and I would like to know what are the fees and what I need to do to make this trip as inexpensive as possible. I currently live in ny but the trip is from florida to bahamas. Need help on this, please help thank you in advance :)
D  11th of Nov, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I personally work for Caribbean Cruise Lines and I would like to state that the majority of ppl about 98% do not read the invitation or the terms and conditions as stated of the back of the invitation/notification. If you take a look at the invitation it states 2/2 free cruise. *Port Taxes and governement taxes not included* It does not say state free vacation with everything included. People have a tendency to look at where it states free and assume everythings free. I laugh at the guy who said that he was selected based on his cc info. Ppl are selected by there age occupation and traveling habits. And yes its one call per notification. THAT MEANS YOU CAN ONLY CALL ONE TIME! And yes we know the customers who have received this invitation have cc or dc. Why send a $3, 000 vacation to someone who can't afford to stay in Motel 6? All terms and conditions are stated on the invitation. And we are marketing. Everyone has excuses and reasons why they can't do something. We make them see why they should and how they are able to. Plus all calls are monitored and recorded. State of Fl requires it. Oh and our state license and bond number is located on the 1, 300 voucher. And it also states on your corporate memo that this is a invitation to sell travel. as well as my fav part which everyone skips...Ex. John Q, as a free cruise recipient your also entitled to a 1, 300 travel savings which you may use to purchase your familys spectacular extended stay package. Take the time to read what you were sent. If you did, you would know that you are not being scammed, you are being given an oppurtunity to take advantage of a promotion. Read Terms First, Then Call Me.

Sincerely, Your Reservationist Eddie
N  23rd of Nov, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I have sued these guys twice now for their deceptive practices. Email me at mtodd75682@aol.com as I am interested in speaking with you.
A  25th of Nov, 2009 by    +1 Votes
It's an extremely aggressive timeshare pitch. My girlfriend went with her friend and actually had quite a good time until they got back to Fort Lauderdale. At that point they were told that they could not stay at the hotel unless they collected some kind of voucher; this was conditional on a 4-hour pitch where the salespeople became progressively pushier/ ruder/ more aggressive/ extremely abusive to her.

Reading the comments above, it's pretty clear to me that CCL is getting people/ its staff to post on blogs across the internet that "CCL is NOT a scam". Who the hell would post a blog like that unless paid to do it? It's so artificial it's almost embarrassing to read. Normal people do not post blogs saying that something is NOT a scam. Why would they? Just see comment above from Blah Blah Blah McFadden. He/she was hired by CCL to flood the web with bogus comments pretending it was a great deal.

It's probably true that what CCL is doing is not a trick/scam in the illegal sense of the word. It's just dishonest and unethical practice, drawing people in with cheap language and the promise of something for nothing/very little. And FlyRican24, whilst you might think that you're just 'making people see why they should do something and how they can do it', the majority of normal, non-marketing people would probably just want to spit on your grave.
A  25th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I spoke to supervisor Robert just a few minutes ago. He was so rude and so pushy, I couldnt even get a word in. What an ###.

N  28th of Jan, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Fun with the Scam Sales Rep. I also received the call for a few cruise. Out of curiosity I answered the questions and in return a few weeks later I received the call that I had won the free cruise. The attendant called me and I asked some questions, such as this is an unsolicited call so how was I selected, why give a credit card over the phone for an unsolicited product, etc... The manager came on the line and gave me 2 options: 1: register with a credit card or 2: give the cruise to some one else. I told them to give it to someone else. He hung up. A couple of weeks passed and i received a call today from another rep who wanted to know why I was the only one who did not take advantage of the free cruise. Their pitch was that they sailed 1 million people every year and that I shld give them a credit card number since this is how it is done in the 21st century. My answer was that if I am 1 in a million, I won't be missed. She got really offended and proceeded to lecture me on the waste of time of having participated to the survey in the first place. I totally agreed with her. She became even angrier and demanded why I had changed my mind. Customer service I replied. She claimed not understanding my point. So I simply hung up. So, yes, SCAM !!! GR
N  28th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I called them upon receiving the offer to know from where they got my address. On this simple question only, the rep got aggressive and angrier and as expected, he could not provide me a suitable answer and hung up.
I think its more of a scam and these guys are SHITHEADS. Stay away !!!
A  27th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I got one of these in the mail today. I've received them in the past and always smelled a fat rat so I just tossed them in the trash. However, today I decided to look on the net and see what this obvious scam consisted of. Pretty much what I suspected all alone. Greedy parasites out to deceive the naive who haven't lived long enough to realize that in this world you don't get nothing for "free." As far as how they get your address: The same why all JUNK mail senders get your address. When you order thing through the mail or off the internet, they sell your address to these parasites who then put you on their mailing list of potential prey. I don't see how those people who work for Carribean Cruise Line in this particular "department" can sleep at night! They need to repent of their sinful, selfish behavior and turn to Jesus Christ before it's too late. Eternal hell is neverending torture and they'll have no "free cruises" there.
D  2nd of Mar, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Hello my name is Stephanie Rodriguez and I work for Caribbean Cruise Line as the Director of Public Relations. Our offer is not a scam. It is simply a promotion we have for people who want to experience the chance to go on a cruise with us. We hope by doing this it will increase the chances of future business with the customers. There are no obligations to purchase any packages if you do not wish to.
N  3rd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
You guys cant even spell. You are mistaking their for there! Gotta be a scam!
D  3rd of Mar, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Excuse me? Who are you referring to?
N  10th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
i received my voucher today. & it seems harmless. for all that you get...no its not free. but its definitely agreat offer. i was told i just have to pay $798 which is $399 for the first two adults. any third of furth persn is $199 for age 13 and over. for 2 nights n the bahamas & 5 nights in florida, i dont think thats too bad! we as americans know that nothng in life is 'free'. but its sure as hell a god deal! i havent seen cmplaints about junky accomodations or the vacation itself being horrible. just that its not "free". so im going!
N  3rd of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
Suppose I was a satisfied customer who went on this cruise and wanted to "do future business" with you... there is no website that even exists to book this cruise on! Please, in 2010, name 1 legitimate cruise line that doesn't give you details or allow you to book online. All they have on their website is pictures of a porn star with half the brain cells of a squirrel. But just in case Carmen Electra almost convinces you, go to their amateur looking website: http://www.caribbeancl.com/ which will tell you to go to their new website: http://www.grandcaribbeancl.com/ and scroll down to the bottom where it says "terms of use". There's a lot of bs but all the way at the end it says in bold, "This advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of a vacation ownership plan." Why don't you mention that at any point during your 3 hour waste of time sales pitch Stephanie Rodriguez?
N  6th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
scam scam scam.. maybe technically legal but the people that work for this company must be some real lowlifes

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