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Do not use they have a disgraceful way of making money which is to trick members into paying for a service they do not want or need by automatically renewing subscriptions. On top of this they have a VERY strict refund policy which screws hard working people out of their money. They have no sympathy for their members they even have bogus procedures in place to pass off upset members by never returning phone calls or sending out generic emails in response to members who were unaware of the membership renewing and who are out hundreds of dollars because they don't want to deal with these situations and have no intention of doing the right thing and returning the members money. They claim to have "quality" caregivers on the site but the site has unqualified unreliable caregivers who are unprofessional and lie about their experience to get a job. does not care if any of the members on the site find a job or a quality caregiver thru their site. They will refund your money under no circumstances regardless if the site was helpful to you or not. They have bogus tv ads that portray an Agency like process on the site but in reality they do not help with the process at all and like I stated before could careless if you find someone or not. They only care about tricking people out of their money. They have a terms of use agreement that is so tight and legalizes the type of dishonest practices they use that a member would not stand a chance getting their money back even in a court of law. Why have such a thorough terms of use contract if you are an honest company and see no event in the future where you would need to pull this contract out? It's obviously because they know what they are doing is wrong but they want to protect the company

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  • Su
      Aug 29, 2014

    I just posted a complaint as well under 'other' I suggest you dispute your credit card. They don't really respond - they used canned responses. If you dispute, you will win.

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