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Care Credit / lower monthly payment denied

1 po box 981127El Paso, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 18002927508

Please stop!!! Harrassing phone calls to these numbers or legal action will occur! Vivian Rego [protected] and [protected] these are school work numbers of my sister not the card holder and you are in violation calling them and at risk now of harrassment. Also stop phone calls and leaving messages on voice mail to the card holder : Barbra R. Bednar and her number is:[protected] please stop all harassing phone calls for collection purposes immediately. This has been going back and forth fro the past three months and with vigorous investigating i have found out I'm not the only one with difficulties in dealings with your phone operaters and supervisors! I am currently involved in communicating with all these other customers having the same problems with harassment and lies and improper rude treatments from your operaters and supervisors. STOP ALL HARASSING PHONE CALLS AND MESSAGES ON BOTH MY NUMBER AND MY SISTERS NUMBER AND VOICE MAILS. YOU HAVE BEEN DULY NOTIFIED BY PHONE, E-MAIL AND LETTERS TO CEASE THIS HARASSMENT IMMEDIATELY. A CLASS ACTION SUIT IS BEING INITIATED FROM 1000'S OF PEOPLE ACROSS THE CONTINENT AGAINST YOU AS WE SPEAK AND BECAUSE YOUR COMPANY REFUSES TO CO-OPERATE WITH ME IN MY PAYMENT ARRANGEMENT YOU LEAVE ME NO CHOICE BUT TO JOIN THEM. I, ADVISE YOUR COMPANY TO REFINE THEIR POLICIES AND TREATMENTS OF THE AVERAGE JOE. I MAY NOT BE IMPORTANT ALONE ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH BUT, STANDING ALONGSIDE THOUSANDS JUST LIKE ME I AM A FORCE TO BE HEARD. WHAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND IS WHY YOU REFUSE TO CO-OPERATE WITH A CUSTOMER WHO WANTS TO PAY HER MONTHLY PAYMENT INSTEAD OF SUIING? Once again I will continue to call your offices and try to lower my monthly paymment so that this matter can be resolved outside of court however until you do co-operate with me to lower my monthly payment to $40.00 a month until I start working again I will be in contact with the class action suit people. Did I get anyones attention there or are you all instructed to be rude and non-obliging for the dollar? You cannot get blood from a stone! Very upset, Barbra R. Bednar

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  • Ja
      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    unfortunately, thats not how credit cards work...just because you cant afford your monthly payment, that doesnt mean creditors should bend over backwards for you and make the payment lower for you just because that reason, being unemployed is hard, unfortunately, amex, discover, visa, and even mastercard dont give a crap if you cant pay your bill. and what gives you the right to sue some one because you agreed to pay a specific amount (3% of the avg daily bal) which is lower than most creditors...(3.5% - 4% avg daily bal). care credit should be the one suing you...what the heck is going on through your idiotic mind?!?!?

  • Co
      31st of Jul, 2008
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  • Da
      19th of Jan, 2011
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    Jared, you are the IDIOT, you mooron! I guess you've never fallen on hard times...your day is coming...just keep living.

  • Pa
      5th of Dec, 2011
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    I have only one thing to say about Care Credit. They have very unfair practices. As a former cardholder, my account was up to date and paid off. I had a Joint Account with my mother. I had to have oral surgery to which I charged a little over $1700.00 on my Carecredit. I made payments then decided to pay the balance off in full. A month after I paid it off, just because I had not used the credit line ($5, 000) in over a month, they all of a sudden decided to close my account, for no good reason. And then they gave me some lame excuse saying all of a sudden that I no longer qualified for credit from them and that was AFTER I paid the balance off in full. Excuse my french but that is BS, and very unfair, like my money isnt good enough for their damn company. They then gave me another lame excuse saying they had to close my account because we both had to re-qualify? WTF? why? My account had been open for a year and a half and now they were saying we did not qualify and my mom was making $5, 000 a month and I am Self employed and making about 1000.00 a month. The people who run this company are nuts. If 5, 000 a month all of a sudden doesnt qualify me for a credit card then there is definitely something wrong with their thinking. Either that or my money just isnt green enough for them.

    And Now that I am making even better money, I cant find anyone to give me any credit to have my teeth fixed and I need oral surgery bad and I have to have IV Sedation to have my teeth worked on. I need all of my teeth taken out and I need dentures, the kind that snap in. I have a very bad credit score because of bills I havent ;paid from years ago. If there is anyone reading this that knows of a company that would be willing to work out some payment arrangements with me as far as financing for oral surgery or dentures goes, would you please contact me at : I am in the Tacoma, WA area. I am a female.

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