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Over the years I have received at lease 200 calls from these scammers. I purchased a hand held, pump type air horn and used it in an attempt to scare the geese out of my yard. It didn't work on the geese so I decided to try it on telemarketers. I don't know if it works on telemarketers or not but after receiving that blast in his ear, he probably won't be taking any calls for several hours.

Incidentally, I once made up a phony card number to give to him. I led him on and wasted about 20 minutes of his time. The first question he ask was how many cards I had and if any were maxed out. I didn't know what he was getting at so I told him one was maxed out. He was not interested in that one, which told me that he couldn't steal any money on the maxed out card so he wasn't interested.

My U. S. Representative would only tell me to register with the National Do Not Call Registry. I deleted my number from that list after a telemarketer told me he got my number from that list.

Our elected officials should represent the voters, not the lobbyist who make Hugh campaign contributions to them.

Jun 20, 2017

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