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To whom it may concern:

I purchased a 2000 mercury mountaineer on 6/14/2011 at
car hop
8021 south tacoma way,
tacoma wa, [protected]

I was promised if I purchased this vehicle that certain repairs would be made, now I am receiving the "run around".

Prior to purchasing a 2000 mercury mountaineer on 6/14/2011 from car hop I was told by the car salesman (mike) and the lot manager (tina) that if I chose to purchase that specific vehicle certain repairs would be made at no cost to me. these repairs included: the outside driver side door handle, the window lock button on the drivers side door, and the door lock/unlock button on the remote. because there was three different problems that needed to be fixed the manager (tina) stated that in the description of the repairs needed she was simply going to put “drivers side door” as to cover all of the repairs.

a few days after purchasing the vehicle I contacted car hop and promptly took my vehicle to the approved repair shop. when I picked up my vehicle the door handle was replaced (although not painted as promised) I figured no big deal at least it was fixed, and the window lock button was repaired. the door lock/unlock button on the remote still did not work.

So I contacted car hop and they told me to return the vehicle to the shop which I did on 7/9/2011. the next contact I received was the shop owner asking could I please contact car hop and ask them to call the shop so that the shop could have approval for them to perform the repairs. the shop owner had stated he had tried to contact them several times and no one was returning his calls.

For two weeks I called car hop and their warranty department every single day asking that they please contact the repair shop. every single day I would first receive the run around from both departments saying I need to contact the other department. I was promised by different employees from both departments that someone would be contacting the repair shop and that this would be resolved. yesterday on 7/25/2011 I spoke with the warranty department and was told “mr. bradley I promise this issue will be resolved today, someone will contact the shop to give approval for the repair and then we will call you back”. I have heard the same line every day since I had started calling them.

Multiple times I have heard that either the problem was going to be fixed that day and/or that they could not fix it for multiple reasons. the lot blamed the warranty department and vice versa or they blamed the fact that the salesman who actually sold me the car was a floater from another state and they could not contact him to deal with it.

When I contacted them again this morning (7/26/2011) to make sure that the matter was resolved I was informed by marvino from the lot that the repairs would not be made due to the fact that on the paperwork tina had “worded the repairs incorrectly” therefor the warranty department was not going to allow said repair.

this whole ordeal has been exhausting. since I have purchased this car I have had problems with it. the radio and cd player stopped working about three weeks after I bought it and also the rear passenger side door sticks now. I am not trying to get anything fixed that occurred after I purchased the vehicle. I am not an unrealistic person I realize that when you purchase a used car these things happen. the whole point of this is that I am paying over 11, 000 for this vehicle. both tina and mike promised me that this would be taken care of upon my agreement to purchase this car. I am only asking for what was promised to me, nothing more.

It seems that I was promised this only to get me to sign a contract with car hop and now that I am trying to get what I am entitled to I am getting the run around and told that I am "out of luck" because the paperwork wasn't worded correctly.

employees I have spoken with:

• tina, car hop lot manager (was present when I was purchasing the vehicle)

• mike, salesman (person who promised repairs and whom sold me the car)

• marvino, employee of car lot (I dealt with him briefly during the purchase of my vehicle and have spoken to him quite a few times in regards to promised repairs)

• julie, employee of the warranty department

• sean, employee of car hop

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  • Cs
      Mar 12, 2013

    Going through this same problem... 2nd day I started my van the SERVICE ENGINE LIGHT came on, was told Warranty would handle the repairs... Its been almost 2 yrs and still fighting to get this corrected, now that my tabs are to be revoked due to NOT being able to get Emissions done and Approved by the D.M.V.

    They say they have spent a lot of money to repair this vehicle, yet the repairs are still with the vehicle, and the only repair they did was service engine light, BUT that still is an issue. The 1st repair shop said MY van was unsafe to drive due to the following problems: 1. Motor mounts shot 2. brakes shot 3. Service Engine Light If the problems have been fixed yet they are still the MAJOR issue with my car to keep tabs, HOW is it that I have to continue to pay for a vehicle that CANT be fixed?

    I think every1 in Washington State that has a problem with their vehicle from Car Hop needs to start a Class Action Lawsuit against Car Hop and let the Attorney General hear this and see what he says... IF you have already started a lawsuit plz contact me so I can add MY complaints about MY vehicle and car hop... C. Scott 253-224-5744

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