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Capital One Auto / harrassing phone calls

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I bought a car through a Capital One Auto Finance 2 & a half years ago. In good standing. A few months ago they sold or gave my account to another company owned by them. Ever since that company has had my account, even though my payments still go to Capital One, I start receiving harrassing phone calls on my cell phone (only one I have) BEFORE my grace period is even up for my payment. In my contract I have atleast a 10-15 day grace period. Phone calls start coming on day 9. The harrassment on their part is calling me 6, 8, to 10 times a day, 7 days a week, non stop. They constantly use different numbers (972) area code.

The phone calls are affecting my health. The more calls they make, the more I get stressed. The more I get stressed, the more active my live disease gets. The more active my disease gets, the sicker I get. Which is non reversable without Liver Treatments. The sicker I get, the longer it takes for me to even be able to go out & look for a job. You see what I'm getting at?
I know my payment is late.I don't need to constantly be reminded everyday, all day! I told the lady I talked to, that I do all of my business online & not on the phone any more. The more they call & harrass me, the longer it's gonna take before they get a payment.

Even when I called them today & told them that my payment will be in the mail 3 days from now, via money order, like it always is. Because they don't take payment online via debit card. Which is how I make all my payments now days. It's just convenient for me that way because of my illness.

Not only that! 6 months after we bought the car, the first time I had the oil changed by the dealership I bought it from. The very same day it was changed all the way up to today, we have had nothing but over heating problems with it. Have spent hundreds & hundreds of dollars & still it over heats. I have written Chrystler, I have talked to the loan company & absolutely NO ONE wants to do anything about it.

So we're stuck paying for a car that I can't drive without having the heater on full blast to keep it from overheating. I live in Arizona. Do you have any idea what that's like? I haven't put on 500 miles on my car in a year because of that. It's almost undrivable.

Anyway... the lady I talked to today at Capital One, refuses to stop the phone calls, even though she knows that my payment will be in the mail on Friday 6/6/08.

I have found out that these loan companies & credit companies are nothing but legalized loan sharks. If there's anything you can do about the harassing calls I would greatly appreciate it. My health is at risk because of it.

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  • An
      19th of Jul, 2008
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    The thing about Capital one and all these finance companies! They harass us but as soon as they overspend and get in trouble they go to the government and get federal assistance which is our money!!! I lost my job and make my payments off of way less than I was making. I am late and have asked for a extension which they deny promising if I make a payment they will do it...once they get the payment...the story changes and one and on. I will find another job and when I get back on my feet...I will refinance my car with someone else and tell Capital one where to go...

    I dislike Capital One with a passion they are nothing loan sharks their CEO does not return phone calls or letter inquiries. They believe they are invisible I cannot wait until Karma catches up with their greed!!!

  • Ra
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    Capital One Auto keeps calling me, too and I've never bought a car from them. I hate the company. I have told them several ways and times; emails, phone calls, letters through the US postal service to stop calling and sending me junk but they persist.

    In order to get a Capital One account you have to give up any right to contest their charging you for things you didn't buy and billing you money that you don't owe them.

    They are crap. I hope they go out of business totally. I have reported them to the BBB and am reporting them to the FTC.

  • Pe
      19th of Jul, 2009
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    I receive as much as 20 calls a day from Capital One. I pay the minimum payment each month never late even though I am over the limit by 250 dollars. I cannot pay that much or I would. So each month they add on another 39 dollars late fee which brings my balance higher. If I ever get ahead I will make higher payments. They know this and continue with the phone calls, early, late, week-ends etc... They use different numbers thinking I will pick up. I have thought of changing my number if this will help. I agree with the lady that commented that these calls do nothing but bring on stress. Has anyone changed their number and the calls stopped? I will pay this bill and never do business with them again when I have the money. I hope all their CEO's rot in hell forever.

  • Wi
      1st of Sep, 2010
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    I receive over 10 calls a day from them even after I have told them I am filing chapter 13. The phone calls increased since I told them. They started calling me 6 days late on my only payment i have been late on, and have not stopped. this is 15 days later and I get calls from 570-301-6372/972-378-4104/716-531-4054/ there are several others also. tonight alone, since 5pm, I have received phone calls from them every 40 minutes. Needless to say, I am filing a complaint with the attorney general and taking them to court for mental anguish and mental abuse.

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