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Canadian Tire / horrible customer service!

1 1050 CHEMONG ROADPeterborough, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 705-745-1388

There are two Canadian Tire locations in Peterborough: Chemong and Lansdowne. Today I bought a bike from the Lansdowne location. It was a little pricey, nearly $300. When I got home I noticed that the gears didn't shift properly. Little disappointing but no big deal. I brought it back to the Lansdowne location but they didn't have anymore assembled and no one was in to assemble a new one. They did however call the Chemong location who told them that I could go there and exchange the bike no problem since they had several assembled. Cool. So I loaded up the bike, drove across town, unloaded it and went to the returns desk at the Chemong location store expecting to exchange it no problem. Was I ever wrong. First off the customer service clerks whispered between themselves when they saw me walk up with the bike. To me it seemed as if they were getting ready for it. They then said that they would not exchange the bike and that they did not receive a call from the Lansdowne location. Now I know for a fact that they had received a call as I was standing at the customer service desk when the clerk from the Lansdowne location called the Chemong location. They would not help me, provide any assistance or even call the Lansdowne location to see what the confusion was about. The manager then came out and basically said I was lying and that he would not exchange or provide a refund for the bike even though I had my receipt that was dated only hours earlier. With absolutely no help being offered at the Chemong location I had to reload the bike, drive back across town, unload the bike and bring it back into the Lansdown location store. Now I am waiting for a new one to be assembled, hopefully tomorrow it'll be ready. Lansdown location provided great service and was quite helpful. The Chemong location on the other hand was horrible, I have never been treated so rudely or given so little help in my live. The manager at the Chemong location was incredibly insulting and in my opinion completely unable to run a store if he's going to treat paying customers like that. In short I will from now on only shop at the Lansdowne location and will strongly encourage everyone I know to do the same.

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  • Si
      13th of Sep, 2007
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    It was surprising at first that Canadian tire could be this bad! But after a few visits it got worse!!! Me and my family went to buy a fishing kit at Canadian tire at Sheppard & Leslie in Toronto. After repeated requests for assistance, someone finally showed up after 15 minutes (and he already looked like he was in a hurry to leave!) We asked him for help in choosing a fishing rod, lures, etc (whatever that we need for fishing). He asked us where we were going fishing? We told him that we don't have a place in mind, but we just need a beginner's kit or any suggestions from him on what to buy. He said we need to go and do some research in the internet and then come and buy. We insisted that we need to buy something as we were going fishing in a couple of days. He started telling stuff like, you need to know what type of fish you are fishing for and on and on. We decided we will not get anywhere with this guy and we politely told him, "thank you" and left.

    Another shopper who was watching this told us to go to Lebarron instead where we will get a good service and more options. Rest was history. People at Lebarron almost gave us a lecture on fishing and selected the rod, reel, lures, etc with license and even suggested some "hot sopts" where we can catch good fish.

    Second time was, when we went to buy a bike! CT at Yonge & Steeles. Same thing, nobody around, etc etc. Finally we went to talk to the Manager. He asked us what was our complaint and he was reading a book at the same time. We told him we will wait till he finishes his book. But, he said he was listening and asked us to keep talking, although he wasn't looking at us. Go figure!

    Finally, I had to tell myself that this was all my fault for going there again after being burnt repeatedly.

    There is no sales person on any of the aisles at Canadian tire. The customer always have to go searching for help only to get an answer such as "that is not my dept". The sales people always appear "over worked" to the point they could give a ###. No personal responsibilities or ownership. I wonder on what merit are these people hired at CT. Probably, only on very low salary!

    That was not the only thing I found, I could say this is a representation of SERVICE in the whole of Canada. Try Bell, Rogers, Primus, CT, Air Canada, etc. All are thugs. They sum it up. It is not an exaggeration. More or less it is true. We in Canada can never get away with this.

  • Do
      21st of Nov, 2007
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    What did you expect, your own personnel shopper. One that would pick out what you don't even know if you need or not. You can't get this level of service at a big box, at a discount rate.

  • We
      9th of Dec, 2007
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    When I was laid off a couple of years ago I started at a CT in Kitchener. My family used to have a business and I grew up in it. I acted like I would in our own store in Germany. Some people were so happy that they just dropped in to say "Hi" and to tell how happy they were with the lawnmower etc. I sold 408 snowblowers in a special store opening sale. When I suggested to a visiting CT rep from Toronto to move items from here to there and to make price labels easier to read on bottom shelves I got this answer: "How many stores did you open up"? My answer was "none" of course. "You see that is the difference between you and me" was his reply. A handful of employees (including myself) had to unload 3-4 trucks every day, that does not give much time for customers. Despite all that I built a happy and loyal clients because I just took my time instead of stocking shelves. I worked there for a year as a full time/part time with 40 hrs. a week, no benefits, no paid holidays for $ 7.25 an hour. My take home pay was 250,- a week. The year was 2002. On Dec. 31st that year I was told to take off until April when it would be busier. I was at the store lately and asked an old acquaintance how much she is making now after being there for 10 years: 9.75. Please do not expect customer service at CT. The real good people do not work for that kind of money.

  • Ca
      6th of Mar, 2008
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    Thank you, oh god, thank you.

    I've been working at Canadian Tire at Leslie and Sheppard for almost two years. Today, finally, I've been offered another job elsewhere and i can leave.

    Let me tell you about customer service at our store. Honestly, they dont pay us, or give us enough hours for us to give you the service you want. Myself personally, i'm trained in two departments, on cash, and i do impulse merchandising. I'm all over the place, and the responsibilities they place on me are ridiculous. Regardless, I always try to give the best to help customers the best i can. Alot of the time you dont see people in the aisles. Do you know that they only schedule one person per department in some cases? now if they're helping other customers, or looking for products in our vastly huge warehouse, its not always possible to get assistance. on top of that, all of our phones aren't working, and management refuses to replace them.
    My advise, you want assistance, go to customer care, make them page someone for help. if you're going to stop a random person who doesnt even work in the department you need help in, they're only going to send you to customer care anyways.
    you know we work five hour shifts, no breaks? yes, it is legal apparently. So not only are we underpaid, we're tired. and if we're working longer shifts where we do get a lunch, its a quick thirty minutes. i've had customers get mad at me for refusing to help them because i was leaving the store to go on my lunch. Yet, i still stopped for a few seconds to direct them to customer care. They complained they waited twenty minutes. Even if they did, we dont even have that long to sit down and eat something, if you minus the time it takes to walk to a food place, buy the food, and walk back.

    And if we take longer than managers deem necessary with a customer, we get reprimanded for it. We're always understaffed, even when staff is needed, they cut our hours and most of us are home when we could be working. the few at the store? get worked to the bone. Cut us some slack. Dont give us attitude because we're sending you to an aisle or making you walk across the store to find something or press a button for assistance. i walk from one end of the store to the other hundreds of times a week if not a day, whats wrong with making you take one trip? i've got a ton of ### to do, that needs to be done, or else what you need isnt going to be there on the floor for you. you'll go home without it cause ur not willing to wait while someone goes to find it in the warehouse.
    Be smart shoppers, learn to be self sufficient. We're only there to help you if you really need the assistance, not to hold ur hand. We dont get paid enough for that. And stop blaming us if we're out of stock on a sale item. come in early on saturday morning like every other smart shopper who gets their deal items. Its not our fault that hundreds are smart enough to know to come in on saturday morning where you are not. Check ur items before going to cash, make sure it has a product number, or a tag with a squew on it. It saves a staff member the trip across the store to see the item, another one back to the department to find the product number, and yet another tip back to cash to let the cashier know. it saves the stall in the line up, and it saves you from getting irritated.

    STOP OPENING BOXES. if ur not willing to buy a product that you can tell has been opened by someone else, why are you opening up the box, when there are displays available to you? i have seen dozens of items thrown out because the boxes were so tattered no one would buy the products. We're loosing money that way. money the company could use to hire or schedule in more employees so we're not so understaffed, and we can give you the service you need.

    As for the guy who didn't assist you properly, i'm curious to know who it is, because i might know him. He was right to ask you where and what your trying to fish. He cant help you unless you tell him those things. he cant tell you what to buy without knowing the specifics of what you need it for. however, he should of explained to you why the question was important, and why he needed more information, and given you a few options.
    Brings me to another point. The reason alot of good employees loose their patience due to being overworked, there are other employees who dont pull their own weight, which means we have to for them.

  • Da
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    In this day and age people have to learn to due their own research, especially when shopping at big box stores. Even if you are able to get assistance, all you are going to get is some kid's opinion. Seriously, is that what you really want? One thing that you have to consider is that the people who work at these stores are paid minimum wage, and are worked to death. Every now and then you might find someone who is knowledgeable and helpful, but this is rare because these people quickly move on to better paying jobs, and you can't blame them.

    The problem is that consumers want everything, yet they don't like paying for it. I worked in retail, selling electronics for almost 10 years and I've seen it all. Our store had very knowledgeable staff, and often we would spend an hour or more helping people find the right audio or video package that was right for them. But do you think these customers were thankful for this? No. All they would care about was price.

    We told them we would deliver and set up their TV and or audio systems for free, we would hold their hand and help them choose all of the components, while explaining every feature and answering any questions they might have. We would go over warranty information and advise them on what accessories they needed. By the end of the sale, the ungrateful customer would state that they saw the same TV or audio package down the street at some grey market dealer for $50 cheaper, and then demand that we beat that price.

    We would ask if the grey market store had free delivery and setup? No. Was the staff knowledgeable and willing to guide them with their purchase, and answer all of their questions? No, the lone man that worked at the grey market store could barely speak english. Did the product even come with a Canadian warranty? They weren't sure. Did the store have an exchange or refund policy? No. But after asking all of this, the response from the customer was always the same. "So, can you beat their price or not?" If we didn't beat the price many times they would simply leave without blinking an eye after wasting over an hour of our time. An hour that could have been spent helping another paying customer.

    The bottom line is that the majority of consumers have spoken, and what they think is most important is price. If you want help choosing fishing gear, go to a store that specializes in hunting and fishing equipment like LeBaron. If you need help and advice on a bicycle, go to a store that just sells bikes. You might pay a little more, and don't complain when you do, but you will get all your questions answered, and the staff will know what they are talking about.

    The big box stores will never be able to provide this sort of service consistently and survive. They are there for people who have already done their own research, know what they want, and just need to bring the product to the cashier.

  • As
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    In response to Cat Rodrigues... THANK YOU! I am an employee at Canadian Tire and I agree with you 100% on mostly everything you said! We are WAY underpaid and over worked. I have ALL the responsibilites of a supervisor, however I do not recieve the same pay. I "close" Customer Service and am in charge of at least 5 other employees, however i have not recieved any acknowledgment, not to mention any pay increase, and customers look at me like i'm just another stupid and dumb employee. Our owner has decided to cut hours and seems to belive that we only need 1 employee in every dept. When someone complains, their complaint is either thrown out the window or laughed at. It's disgusting. I belive in helping customers if I can and if they are respectful. Most customers just DEMAND to be helped like they are the only ones in the whole entire store. GET OVER YOURSELF. We're busy too. We have MANY other things to do in our shift than stand there and hear you complain about why you dont like this product. We can't make someone come help you or answer your phone call. And see that line standing behind you at customer service? They all want to be helped too so shut up and stop complaining like a fool. Your complaint will get you no where because once you're gone out the door, we won't even remember what you were complaing about, just that you were hilarious and we'll laugh at you.

    It's sad, but true.

  • Ch
      24th of Apr, 2008
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    The lesson to be learned here is don't buy bikes from Canadian Tire, they are never assembled properly and are often unsafe. I know because I end up fixing a lot of their screw-ups at the Peterborough bike store I work at.

  • Ia
      18th of May, 2008
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    i am an employee at canadian tire aswell. and like the two other employees above me have said, we have too much work to do, very understaffed, and do u really expect us to know everything about every product? people constantly ask me questions about what they need to do something, or what they should get for this, and buy for that...blah blah blah! that would be like going to a grocery store and asking the clerks what would be good for their recipe, we arent there to advise you on everything, just to put what you need out there, and sometimes tell you where it is, give us a break!

  • Ro
      19th of May, 2008
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    Way to Put it Cat~MEOW~

    I'm actually a Manager at that store of Sheppard and Leslie.As For the Fishing dude, Ever hear the word RESEARCH!!!, anytime I buy something I research first before buying, it is your investment your putting out nd wanting return in the product you buy.
    As for staffing issuses, the store calculates what the investment of hours bases on the needs of the business.As a seasonal manager, my staff realize May/June/November and December hours are put out on full tilt, cause consumers buy more regarding, like Patio/BBQ's and Lawnmower and power equipment Nov/Dec.X mas sales drive our business in revenues Roughly a million Dollars in a 10 week process to keep shelves fill so we don't hear the FAMOUS LAST WORDS!!!(WHY YOU NEVER CARRY ANYTHING I WANT!!!)well the ordering department does keep us VERY well instock position in inventory, but need the employees to fill those shelves for the Self Serve customers, so yes alot of time people ### I cant find anything or cant find a price on things, thats cause we as employees or managers are trying our best to keep it maintained for YOU!!!, the customer, as for knowledge concern, I HATE personally when a customer asks, which is better, well as I see it RESEARCH you options, cause personally I don't own everything in the store, heck, probably never even tried it only reason of knowing 90% of the products is reading off box, or past customer feedbacks.
    But Cat is right, I've worked with her.Hours are limited, 9 bucks an hour you can't expect a school student to know everything and as I was a student at 1 point of time, probably don't give a crap about everything but a paycheque.Canadian tire is really a stepping stone for the employers, very few make it a Career, and honestly, toerating the Demands from there Peers and Strangers of Customers, don't blame them.So next time you shop at a retail place think, those $9.00 an hour people are human too, and some days, not just at tire, but other retail places, thank them, cuz not have work slaves, you'd need to ### somewhere else!!!

    Rob A
    CTC 192 Manager

  • Ha
      12th of Sep, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Look people, dont give that ### about not being paid enough, you are being paid enough that is your freaking job, you are paid to deal with the public. To bad suck it up princess, I worked at a Mr. Lube for a while and while I was there I got no breaks, and had to put up with a public who had no idea what they wanted, what you have to understand is, thats why they come to you, because they dont know, so they come to you, if you diont have an answer about a question they are asking you, do not get flustered at them, because without them we would not even be getting our 9.00 an hour. They are the reason we get paid at all, I admit, the public can be stupid, but just help them out, then turn to your buddy and tell him how difficult they were.

  • Fl
      4th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Let's face it, bozos, you're in business to serve the customer. You get paid to do that. Boohoo if they ask you questions. You get paid to answer them. BooHoo if you run around the store a hundred times a day. You get paid to do that. What you don't get paid to do is piss people off and that's what most of you undereducated ###s do by spewing 'It's not my department' - so some personal responsiblity and take them to the person whose department it is.

  • La
      21st of Dec, 2008
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    Canadian Tire Rules

    u are just cryin cuz u didnt give the right information

    did u ever think of showing the manager the bike didnt work? [censored]

  • Tr
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    I completely agree! As a former employee of the Chemong Canadian Tire in Peterborough I know for a fact that 99% of the employee's at that store do everything they can to avoid helping customers. It is a culture that begins at the top with the managers.
    I started off hard working and helpful, but eventually realized I was always helping a handful of customers while my 'co-workers' were in the lunch room or hiding in the back warehouse. So I just got a new job. But the people who stay there are the ones who enjoy slacking off for minimum wage.

  • Ja
      7th of Oct, 2009
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    Even though I live in Peterborough's north end, I will not shop at the Chemong Road cTC anymore. I've had too many bad experiences with staff (and lack of) and lack of stock. The auto repair centre ruined my daughter's car. Now i just go to the Lansdowne store

  • Ni
      23rd of Feb, 2010
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    Flound: We do what we can in a day, its all we can do. We only have to deal with angry customers for as long as they stand in front of us. Nobody likes an angry manager, so we do what they tell us to. Customers, yeah, we try to be nice, especially when you're yelling at us to 'do our jobs.' Best thing we can do is pass you off to somebody higher up than us and watch as you get yourself an earful from them.

  • Te
      30th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    This is hilarious. I am a service writer at Canadian Tire and the amount of customers that come in the store and ask us for something in another department is very large. They see an employee and ask us the get them something. I know my job pretty well and I am going to focus on doing it. When I tell you I will page somebody to the department you need assistance in there is no need to tell me the I am [censored]ing stupid. I am going to help customers where I know what I am talking about. I am a university student working to pay for school. I am obviously not going to know the whole store and be able to have knowledge about every product. At least the person in the department knows where the product is and the basics about it.

  • Ne
      1st of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    Thanks for posting your experience and giving us the heads up. We avoided them this year and chose Vanguard in Peterborough, Ont.

  • Bo
      20th of Jul, 2013
    +1 Votes

    The manager at chemong ( leum ) is extremely rude and very unhelpful, even to his own hard workers. This matter will not be forgotten and will go to a higher source other them leum.

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