Canadian Tirebattery purchase/return

La Dec 08, 2018 Ottawa, ON

Hi. I wanted to retun a battery of my car to canadian tire at 1820 merivale road, ottawa. I bought it from carling ave canadian tire. I tried returning this battery but the guy there said he has to perform a test which will be an hour long to check if something happened to a brand new battery because it was inside my car for one and a half day. It dis not make any sense to me because i never opened it, never installed it. its like saying that batteries that canadian tire sell is far low quality as they cannot stand two days of cold outside ???? It goes -30 in winters so canadian tire brand new battery wont stand it????
Totally diapoointed with service and customer care. Most stupidest thing i have ever encountoured. You should probably educate your sales representative and staff.

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