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Canadian Cash Awards notified me that I have prize for $3 million pending. In order to process my prize I was asked to pay $225. I paid this money but they have disappeared straight after. I was unable to cancel this transaction and now I’m in debt.

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      8th of Dec, 2015

    A phone message was left by Blade Booker telling me to call back the number 876-859-9537 December 8, 2015 Phone at 10 o'clock - left a message I did not give any information or money but thought it might be of interest that this scam is continuing via phone

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      26th of Jul, 2016

    I was contacted by a man who called himself Donnie Jackson...said I won a Mercedes and $25, 000, 000. All I had to do was insure the money that would be delivered to my bank by a Brink's truck. The cost of the insurance is to be paid by a money gram from the Post Office in the amount of $88.00 Canadian dollars. He told me to call him back at this number 702-357-4005 after I purchased the money gram. He believes I am on my way to the P.O. and is waiting for my call back. He said the money gram was to be put in the name of Mary Baldwin in Murrieta, California. Said he was working for Canadian Cash Awards and Claims. Says this prize is awarded from some place in Las Vagas

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      31st of Oct, 2016

    Just had the Canadian cash in awards call to tell me I won 9.5 million dollars. He told me I had to pay $430 bucks to insure my winnings. I told him to call back and looked them up online and saw these comments of the scam. When he called back I told him he could come over to pick up the money but the cops would be waiting for him!!! Lol!! I then asked him how he can look at himself in the mirror knowing he's taking money with naive people. He started yelling at me and said that he didn't appreciate being called a scammer. After I hung up on him he called back still trying to get me to believe him which blows my mind cause they don't quit, they will do anything to take your money. I feel sorry for the people that fall for this. If you win money from a legitimate lottery you will NEVER have to pay anything ( no taxes, fees or insurance ect..)

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      1st of Nov, 2016

    im sorry but david hultman is an idiot and who who gets a phone call saying they have won money but first they have to pay money in order to get it, and actually pays the money, then complains they got scammed, deserves it!!! hey you won 3 million dollars but first send us 250, how does that make sense? u won 3 million but need to pay 250? and it happens all the time u hear of people paying or giving out there bank account or credit card wake tf up

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      3rd of Feb, 2018

    I was scammed like this a few years ago. I am an honest trusting person and believed all the man said to the point I ended up bankrupt.I was taken in like so many others. I just got another call telling me I have won a whole lot of money and a car. This man has called me several times I keep telling him I know it is a scam but still he calls. I blocked his two numbers on my phone but what do you know he called again this morning from an unknown number (Private caller) I wish these people would leave us all alone.

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