Camping World Mesquite TXservice department/warranty work

We purchased a 2018 Jayco 5th wheel Aug 2018. We had a hitch installed by CW/Service in my new 2017 Ram. When we picked up my truck they had left the jack and tools on the front pass seat (in my new truck) and a box with a random part in the back seat. We picked up the trailer that next weekend after our "training" which was a joke in itself. We knew more about the interior then the fellow "training" us. And then later discovered he didn't teach us any of the important stuff like how to dump the tanks or even work the propane for the heat.
When we took possession, we drove 60 miles on the highway to a campground to set it up and add some personal items. The next day we hooked up to take to our storage unit and struggled to get out of the park. We ended up with help from some regulars at the park to find out the box in our back seat had a plate for the king pin that reads, This plate must be installed when using the slide hitch. - MUST BE INSTALLED. No one told us, nor did they install the plate before we left the premises of Camping World. We took our trailer on a 1400 mile trip. Upon our return there were several Warranty items that we had found that needed to be repaired. (I can share the list if desired).
I called CW Richardson to inform them of the issues. I gave the gal on the phone the list of 20+ items. She made an appointment for me on Saturday 10/20/18 at 9am. We arrived at our scheduled time and the service guy had no idea we were coming, the gal was on vacation and he did not have the list. We had to stand there and provide the list again. I had a copy to give him but he had to write it in his own words as well. (I have a copy of this too, and to be frank - If it were my company, I'd be embarrassed by this). On that date (10/20) we were told they had 2 crews that would be working on our trailer and it would be ready in a couple of weeks. I informed him then that we had a camping event on Nov 9. We were told it would be ready.
We called 10/30 and were told they were still waiting on Jayco to approve the repairs.
I've called several times and each time I've been told they are "just needing to do 1 more thing". I called on 11/28 and was told they were still waiting on the propane door to come in which was due the next day and it would be ready the following week. NOTHING.
I finally called them on 12/10 and was informed they are now waiting on the flooring to come in. It is due to SHIP on 12/12. The gal on the phone was unable to tell me how long it will take for the installation. She proceeded to tell me that they had a new Service manager and since this was her "first" time hearing of the issue she would have him contact me ever 2 days regarding our trailer. I informed her that she was ACTUALLY the very first person I spoke with about all the issues.
Now since we dropped off our trailer in October - we have made 2 trailer payments - 2 insurance payments and 2 storage payments. We are about to make it 3 payments. I have reservations for a camping event for Dec 28-30 but if we can't use our trailer it will cost me over $400 for 2 nights in a hotel for the same city. (And that's if there are any rooms left).
I'm sick and tired of this and want results not excuses.

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