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On Feb 1st 2017 as I took a spoonful of cream of mushroom soup I had just cooked I felt something sharp in my mouth, and upon spitting it out found it was a tiny bone likely a rat bone by what it appeared like. You can imagine my horror upon removing it from my own mouth, gagging at the thought, not knowing if I'd swallowed other pieces in the previous spoons. Simply terribly disgusting.

Upon calling Campbell's Soup customer service line, I was told they would send me a package to give the bone to them, and that they would offer me a coupon, or since I instantly replied I would never eat their soup again, the coupon would be worth a dollar for cost of soup. Are you for real was my immediate thought. Wow.

Needless to say I was not happy with their cavalier attitude to finding a rat bone in my soup, and their means of compensation for this. I refused that and decided instead to submit it to the Canada health board to follow it up with an investigation. Nobody should be subject to finding rodent bones, insects or worms in their soup. By what I have been reading and the way the man spoke on the phone to me, it doesn't seem to be very isolated incidents.

Never will I consume Campbell's soups again, in fact I may never eat any of their products since it appears that their sanitary processes are indeed lacking and quality control needs a serious overhaul. It's apparent by their response on the phone that given they don't provide any real relief for people who have been affected by this, it seems they just don't care. Kind of an oxymoron in their title online of the Customer Service which is Campbell's Cares. NOT.

Pretty nasty stuff, people should be careful if consuming their soups or products, particularly even more scrutiny into cream soups which can hide some nasty things you might just be swallowing. Yuck.

Campbell's Soup
Campbell's Soup
Campbell's Soup

Feb 2, 2017

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