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I have rung the customer service line four times now in 6 business days. I have also sent an email via their website and still have not had a call back. I am enquiring after their ridiculous 7 day cancellation policy (which i have adhered too) yet been charged for. The first girl i spoke too would not listen and kept saying the same thing over and over. When I asked for a manager i was told "There is no Manager in the office yet" (it was 9.20am) and upon probing was told "they all come in at 10am". Then upon more questioning the story then changed to "There is a Manager here but they are in a meeting". I waited for a call back and it never happened so i rang back. They then put me onto a "senior agent" as again there were "No Managers available". This "Senior agent" was rude and arrogant and the Customer Service was non existant. When I asked for a Manager again i was told "there are non available". On this call i asked them to cancel my direct debit as i was not paying my bill until the manager called me back. I was promptly told my direct debit would be cancelled however if i did not pay by my due date i would incur late fees and the like. I explained as long as i receive a call back there should be no issue with my invoice. A day later and still no phone call. I ring back and again i am told the Custoemr Service Manager "was in his office but now he is not. I will get him to call you". Two days later i go on their website and log an enquiry that way to get a call back. Still nothing. I ring back the next day, to be told "The Manager is aware of your complaint and will call you back when he is able". We are now over a week later and i still have not heard anything from Camp Australia . When i mentioned this service to one of the carers at the centre i was told that she understood that they give out bad service at the call centre(head office). The issue with these before and after school care programes is we as parents have NO CHOICE but to use them as they are the oly one on offer at the school(we dont have the choice like daycare), so to pull my child out is not an option as I work full time. They can treat customers how ever they like and they answer to noone, clearly. It is just not good enough and the care jackson gets at the actual cnetre at his school is fantastic, the carers are amazing, yet the "customer service" line has alot to answer for and at the moment is not focused on the 'customer" or the "service"

Mar 12, 2013
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  • Di
      Feb 02, 2016

    Am getting the same experience. Even the CEO can't follow through on his promises. Makes me very worried if they can't get their act together at the back-end, how they are dealing with our children from the front end. If I had another option, I would not be concerning myself with Camp Australia. Rude, incompetent, constant issues, no customer service. A radical shake-up needs to happen.

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  • Ag
      Mar 20, 2016

    My family recently changed banks. One of the few direct debits we forgot to change over was Camp Australia. For any Camp Australia customers out there who change banks here's a warning...don't forget these guys. They have plenty of tricks up their sleeve to slug you for it.

    Automated voicemail by robot. Yep, that's one of their forms of communication to 'attempt' to get in touch with you if your direct debit doesn't work. You'll receive a missed call which goes to your voicemail, with a computerised voice saying nothing but a phone number. Not to ring it or anything, not where / who the message is from, just a number. I got a couple of these, thinking they were some kind of spam or scam (kinda true actually) and eventually rang the phone number. Lo and behold, it was a Camp Australia number. How did I know ? Well, I got their voicemail.
    Since then I've discovered that Camp Australia has charged a $20 fee per payment for each direct debit that failed. Would seem that the robot phone calls were an attempt to let us know there was a problem with the payments. Sneaky, huh !
    The other thing that led to knowing there was a problem was going in to book my son in childcare last night...and finding that we couldn't because our 'access was restricted'.
    Eventually we checked an old email account to find that Camp Australia had sent us some 'Statement' emails which in the subject line appear to be perfectly standard. Only when opening to read the content do you find a $20 charge per payment.
    Today I spoke with customer service people at Camp Australia advising of our concern over receiving these $20 fees (not so much the value of them but the sneakiness). I requested than to be removed. Not within the authority of a customer service representative. And a customer can't speak to anyone else. Although I can send an email complaint. Wonder if I'll get a robot reply 😒.
    These guys are exploiting their monopoly, and it's coming from the top. No concern from their management for their customers. I'm going to try and get them to overturn the $20 failed payment fees via email, out of principle. When they refuse to waive them, I'll close my account and withdraw my son from their care. I suspect it's the only way management like theirs will think about customers.

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  • Jo
      Jun 02, 2016

    date of incident: 02/06/2016
    client number: ??

    An unauthorised transaction of $20 was debited from my account.

    I have contacted customer service who were very rude and refused to credit the $20 back to my account and refused to allow me to speak with a manager or supervisor.

    I am requesting the $20 is credited back to my account effective immediately.

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