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This is happening on camfrog as a novelty, people doing sales scams pro codes which are false or are other people using them.
I took days to send reports from the profile of a person who is dedicated to defraud users, I am a victim of this scam, which reported to the e camfrog for several days.
In today's day when the person continues with their scams and camfrog does nothing.
Many users ask for this person prohibition within the video chat.
**attached some of the texts I send to [protected] :

** first message to [protected]

This user is engaged in the sale of serial camfrog pro fraudulent
This deceiving many people, performing sales codes for the price of 15 euros
I just got knocked the victim of this fraud e sent the money to this person, with the intention of sending camfrog after this email.
I made ‚Äč‚Äčthat payment to that person, to prove to you that is true.
I lost 15 euros with the intention to demonstrate to camfrog, the amount of fraudulent people out there, and this person is one of theme
Enviado a:
kaywan k bayat (El destinatario de este pago se encuentra Fuera de EE.UU.: No verificado)
Correo electrónico:
Importe total:
-€15, 00 EUR

Please, finished with unnecessary people on Camfrog, and as proof I have the realization of the purchase that I made intentionally
name person: kaywan k bayat
username camfrog: Mr_4L3
email: [protected]
attachment, evidence.
Mr_4L3 (13:07:06) : this pro 15 euro Iam hack in camfrog
Mr_4L3 (13:07:08) : yes
Mr_4L3 (13:07:42) : and 30 euro === 1 id orginal and faktur
Mr_4L3 (13:09:12) : all orginal
Mr_4L3 (13:10:53) : realy
Mr_4L3 (13:10:57) : orginal serial
Mr_4L3 (13:11:09) : id, , bot, , room, , 3 lettere
Mr_4L3 (13:11:39) : pro user, ,, , server linuxcloud-windows 1gb port / 10 gb

****** second message [protected]

continue the fraud and now we receive the person attacks right through a server.
Not the first time you do this type of attack.
This person says he continues to do the scams and committing the crime because he says that managers are a ### camfrog, and has no eggs to stop.
this person is using other names:

when are you going to give the ban for this person?
I think you and the proof sufficient to eliminate this person from camfrog.
or maybe going to wait for this person to continue scamming others?

today this person continues to make camfrog scammers and does nothing to prevent.
thank you.


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