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To whom it may concern
On the 14/3/2017 at 7.40am at the Caltex service station on the corner of Jon Sanders dve and Harborne st Glendelough Perth WA.I am a contract courier i went to to service station to fuel up, after i had fueled up i had realized that i had left my bankcard at home.When i approached the teller what i had done i was shocked with his response.I had ask if i could use my partners card details to pay for the fuel he replied no you can not, i then explained i can call my partner so he can speak with her via video call.He then said no he can not do that and then said you will have to arrange someone to bring your card down so i can pay.I then said i can not do that as i live on the other side of the city and nobody was home anyway.He then said you have to sort it out, i then asked if i could speak to the manager he said I'm the manager>i then said why can't you do it manually he then said again he can not because they have had problems with that.I then said i have all my id card and license with me.He still said that doesn't matter, I then rang a work friend to see if they were in the area or near by.My friend then said why can't he put the details through manually, I said to her he was been difficult.She then said i can be there in about 1 to 1 and half hours way, she also said why can't he get you to fill in a form as she had a problem like this her self in the past.After i had been trying to arrange some sort of payment after 45mins i then approached the teller and explained that someone will be coming.He then gave me the form to fill out, I said why didn't you give this earlier as i could have filled it in and come back tomorrow morning to pay as i am in the area every day.He then said that every station is different because they are all owned by different people.I was very disappointed in the way i was treated and made to feel like i was a criminal and had done something illegal.I did explain to him that i had paid previously elsewhere before.but he was not interested in what i had to say.Because i had wasted so much time it had made me late to my next delivery.I will now think twice in going to another Caltex service in future the fear i will be treated the same way again.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

Thank you

Mar 15, 2017

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