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Back in 2008, my co-worker called in an order to the local CPK in Riverside, CA for the whole office on that floor. I'd never had CPK's before and decided to buy into it too. At the time they were selling a Fettuccini dish with the option of adding a protein. I paid extra for chicken. My order came out to around $11 and some change. I opened my tray to about 1 cup of pasta and WHOOPING GRAND TOTAL OF 4 little 1 1/2 inch slivers of chicken. Did I really just pay $4 dollars extra for this? Yes I did.

My colleagues were much angrier than I was and encouraged me to call and complain. I was disappointed but not mad enough to start yelling at people over it. However my co-workers weren't having it and giving me the "if you don't call, I will" speech. Peer pressured, I kindly asked them why I received so little chicken on my entree. After being put on hold a few times I was finally connected to a woman whom was the manager.

I could hear the wide taunting smile on her face over the phone. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. In between snickers she "apologized" to me for being disappointed with my meal. There was more giggling in the background as she said this. With humor dancing on her tongue she told me those are the correct portions and if I wanted more chicken, then "really just ask for more chicken." To clarify, I asked her if I'd have to pay another $4 for 4 more inches of chicken which earned another chuckle from her as she confirmed. She told me I'd receive a coupon in the mail and we hung up.

At first I wasn't upset by the whole ordeal until I witnessed the sheer lack of professionalism from the MANAGER of all people. She turned a minor incident into a customer-losing bombshell. It took months for the coupon to show up but by then I'd already decided there would be no more business between CPK and I and gave it away. What a horrible first experience. I've never been back.

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  • Ma
      22nd of Apr, 2012

    I would think that after 4 years you could let it go.

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