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I am going to tell you everything and I mean EVERYTHING you want to know about the thieves/scammers. Unfortunately I have personal experience from this site, and as an old member Ill even tell you what you missed if you are a new member. At the start they really paid some of their members but later they fell to the "dark side" showing their true plan to the world.
I got my first payment (10$) after waiting 3-6 months, I never thought that on my second payment I would have to wait forever(actually more than a year now). The many members is no excuse at all since I have been on the forums many times to somehow calculate my place in the waiting line. Now more than a year has passed and I thought I would login and check, but guess what?! Still pending!! Did I contact the customer service? Many many times and I always got an answer that clears out absolutely nothing! They told me they cant do anything about it because they don't really know what to do and that they are not the ones deciding but in other words their boss. Also that the script they use needs 100% manual work so they are waiting for the new script. Sorry to say this but the new script story is bull****. People on forums that actually know more about websites and scripts posted on forums that its not that difficult to make a script and it really doesn't take so much time to create. They earn you trust by paying you the first or second time but later you just wait. I forgot to mention that most of today's success stories, maybe all? are FAKE! Also sudden posts pop up in forums as replies that they got paid and they waited long too. Do not be fooled! Those members are actually the same guys from support but with a simple nickname to make you think its a normal person posting and nothing fishy is going on.

So here I am with account balance: $ 664.7400 which looks like I will never see, and 652 referrals which only 15 of them were bought. I REGRET bringing all those members to Customer service cant help at all, and if they could help me they would have done so long time ago with processing that audit. The most common word in forums from the support was and still is "patience".
They trick you into bringing more people to sign up as your referrals in order for you to earn more theoretical cash, and if you cant find referrals then they can sell you some. For some mysterious reason the referrals you buy from stop clicking any ads after a while.If you are wondering why, the answer is simple. The referrals they sell are not really human beings but bots with random nicknames. Many people invested large amounts money in order to double or triple it, but only few actually got lucky to get paid and later on didn't get anything at all. All the people from the support might even be one person! Unbelievable right?? But yes it CAN be true! After many unsatisfied members, the question of who is the owner of came up.
A member of called IntenZe after finding some clues of who is the real owner, was suddenly paid to shut up about his theories. Search their forums to see for yourselves. has spent the last year online lying to the good people they’ve been stealing money from.

They claimed that some George or Debbie owns the and George are very likely fictional and even more likely to be pseudonyms of David John Withers. IS owned by a David John Withers who is not only the only shareholder in LTD but also the director as well.
The following information has all been provided to a guy by his lawyer who obtained it legally to inquire about the truth.
Here is what this guy has to say:

Scam? Definately LTD aka David John Withers lists their cash on hand value at 0.00 and 1 million shares valued at 1.00 per piece have been assigned to David John Withers. When I posted this on the forums the forum staff promptly kept removing the postings because it’s true . is already a sinking ship with no cash flow since no one will buy their bots anymore and they’ve well over 9 months payout delays. has re-registered in the commonwealth of Dominica to hide money they’ve stolen from their members as in Dominica people are fined 25, 000.00 for disclosing personal information on the owner of a registered business there. They’re also a Tax Haven. They also don’t report. David John Withers has stolen millions of dollars from members of and is hiding it in Dominica and evading Taxes in the UK. He has not posted company minutes nor financials for Limited in the UK as required by law.

In fact right this second I posted the truth of the matter on which is’s supposed support forums and have been immediately censored in all my posts for stating the truth. I’ve also now been banned to try to sweep the truth under the rug so that they can continue milking money from unsuspecting people who want to make a quick dollar but end up only spending it. personally owes me over 900.00

The persona named "Debbie" even tried to offer me a hushup payment of $250.00 a few months back for not posting my knowledge.

Well thats my complaint about

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  • Di
      Oct 09, 2009

    hi from Toronto. I too bought upgrades and referrals. I joined June/08 and requested $140.01 Oct 1/08 but have seen no payment (this is Oct 9/09). all of my refs suddenly stopped clicking on Jan 19/09. I see people post "proofs of payments". the proofs are not enlargable and are illegible. everyone on the forum asks "when did they request payment?" but you'll never see a member post "when". oh and about the forum... I haven't been able to get into it since after my 1st month... no amount of asking helps... I get a 'stock' computer answer every time. one poster has posted "finally after 1 year and 14 months I got paid... is not a scam! ha ha ha what a ditzoid! someone asked him where he got paid to and he answered " said the money was sent"! I don't whether to laugh or cry but this is the scenario every time. If there are soooo many hackers out there able to perpetrate DDOS attacks on a PTC site and bring them down, why hasn't a hacker done this to or isn't there someway to overwrite and redirect the url to another page? stay away from this ptc... it's a sham!!!

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  • Wa
      Dec 15, 2009

    Yep is a SCAM!!!

    And im about sick of these scam artist online and personally think they should be hung on an old oak tree! Nothing worst than a Scammer. Someone who preys on others and scams that person out of there hard earn money. Most people these days are searching for something, anything legit to make some extra money. And when you have people like the owners of who mislead people into believing they can make some extra money and then in return steal there money and run. Well thats just pathetic and wrong.

    I am thankful I did not invest any money into these PTC sites, but however I know a few who did and lost there investments and never got paid.

    Stay away from this site people. You have been pre-warned.

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