Bush N Buck Private Game Farm / Inadequate vodacom cellphone signal

Brits North west Province, ZA
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I am the business owner of a Private Game Farm in Beestekraal, in the North West Province. Our main business is providing holiday accommodation.

Clients predominantly make accommodation reservations via cellphone so it is crucial that we have good cellphone signal at all times. However, recently the Vodacom signal has been very poor, on some days there are no signal at all. This is very bad for the business as clients cant contact us to make reservations leading to financial loss. We have also been recieving constant complaints from clients that are staying at our resort about poor cellphone signals which can lead to negative reviews of our business.

Our business is also reliant on cellphone communication for operating purposes and emergency response services.

Bush n Buck has been a Vodacom customer for 16 years and it is vital to the success of our business to continue receiving strong cellphone signal from Vodacom.

We request that Vodacom investigate this issue urgently and provide a solution for the poor cellphone signals. We look forward to hear back from Vodacom relating this issue as soon as possible.


Nov 22, 2016

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