Burger King / food under cooked

19 CUMBERLAND CROSSING, Monticello, KY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 606-348-7130

On [protected] I ordered a hamburger kids meal with fries and a dr. Pepper and a whopper junior with cheese without ketchup and onions.. (It had both on it) value meal with a dr. Pepper.. Both of the burgers were under cooked and not made the way I ordered.. The fries were cold and hard.. My previous order was on [protected] I ordered a whopper with cheese large value meal without ketchup and onions (And yet again it had both on it) and the buns were so burnt on the inside they were black in color and made the burger taste even more awful the burger wasn't fully cooked in this order either.. I also got a cheeseburger kids meal with fries the same under cooked burger and cold hard fries.. And of course there was one other order of only a whopper with cheese without ketchup and onions.. Yet again it had both on it and 2 chicken tender/nugget kids meals with fries the same the fries were cold and hard and the chicken under cooked... I will not be returning to this burger king until something is done.. I think the all employees including managers need further evoluation or something.. Somebody isn't doing their job for this to happen 3 times in less than 2 weeks..

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