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Burger King / assistant manager

1 5018 SE Pebble Creek Rd, Lawton, OK, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 5802487319

I went into Burger King on 9/21/08 at 1128 am. The order was taken great except there was one to many Kids meals on my receipt. The cashier noticed it immediately after tshe charged my debit card for $41.58. She said she would get the manager then the asst. manager came out to recredit my $3.39 for the kids meal. She acted as if she had never credited a debit card in her whole life. She cancelled my whole order and said the cashier had to put my whole order in again. Now she debits my card for another $37.90. Why she couldn't have just did the $3.39 I don't know. Now my food is ready for 10 minutes and I still have not paid the manager throws my to go order on a tray spills all the fries and when I told her it was to go she just picked up the 6 boxes of fries and dumped the fries from the tray into the bag. I don't know if she is new or what but that is not how you treat a guest. I will not return to there again until she knows how to do her job and treat customers with respect. Also thanks to your cashier for understanding the situation.

Tersa Smith

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  • Jo
      2nd of Nov, 2008

    Hello, my husband and I went to the Burger king in Shelton, Washington on Thursday(October 31, 2008) evening. We each had our OWN coupon from a booklet that was mailed out by Burger King. My husband is elderly and fighting cancer, so we ordered from a drive thru. The person at the window was very rude and would not let us use the 2 coupons in 1 drive thru( even though he could have ran it as 2 orders), and because I was doing the driving...I could NOT come inside and order unless 2 hours had passed! He would NOT listen to anything I had to say. So my husband had to muster up the energy and go inside himself to order his. He was treated rude in there also.( They acted like the extra food from the coupon we were getting was coming out of their pocket and we did not deserve it.) This was very unexceptable to us! I felt so terrible for him, as this was a treat for us to do. Going back there in the future will have to take some thought. Joyce

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  • De
      25th of Aug, 2010

    I work as an assistant Manager at a Burger King in my town. A lot of customers don't understand why fast food restaurants do what they do but we have very strict procedures that we need to follow. Whether or not the customer agrees is not something we can do anything about. I'll try to put some light on both situations so you can understand why we do what we do.

    The kids meal complaint-
    I don't know how the newer stores work but my store cannot credit you the money back. We have to void the entire order and enter it in again. It's a hassle for sure but it eliminates the possibility for an employee to "accidentally" credit somebody's card too much money. It eliminates the possibility of fraud and theft. I know it's a hassle but it's the only way to avoid further frustration. Better to deal with it then and there rather than trying to figure out where we're missing money. As for the fries- that was ridiculous and should not have been tolerated. That manager should have been written up... or at least had a complaint filed onto them. I would have written them up immediately if I witnessed this. You deserved fresh fries and a couple free apple pies for the inconvenience.

    The coupon complaint-
    We are not allowed to take more than 1 coupon per order, per person, per visit. I understand how frustrating this is because some promotions (like the recent twilight promotion) give out loads of free coupons. We do this so we don't end up giving away half our inventory to customers for free. It's a marketing technique that allows people free food... yet keeps it strict and under control to save us money. Chances are that if a person comes in for a free whopper sandwich they may order something else to go with it. Or the other way around. HOWEVER, the way they handled your order wasn't acceptable. All customers, no matter how rude or ridiculous they may be acting, are to be treated with the utmost respect. I do not like hearing about complaints from customers and my employees know this. They treat everyone with respect or get written up. We are there to serve you. There is no need for anybody, the employee or the customer, to be rude. I feel, as a representative for Burger King, that I should apologize to you for such an awful experience. Although I am two years late, hopefully you'll come across this sometime. Have a wonderful day and be sure to check out the all new Burger King breakfast menu!!!

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  • Un
      1st of May, 2011

    I agree that Burger King employees need to work better at treating there customers with respect and make then feel more valued. The couon rule should be changed to except more then 1 coupon per order and should be more helpful to handicap customers. I personally was treated very bad at the Burger King in Ankeny, Iowa. The Assisant Manager refused my order because I became irritated at the speaker in there drive thru and could not her it very well. I was in the process of paying for my mothers order and the young man that asked for the money walked away, and then I told my my I hated when you go to pay for something and the person walks away. The Assisant manager stepped in and said no one walked away and she had heard me give my order and I did not place an order. She was yelling at my mother and I . My mom asked her to stopped yelling and she kept yelling and was sticking her head almost out the window and was spitting on me as she yelled. I told her she was out of line and I was going t report her. She said go right ahead they will support me sticking up for my staff against a customer like you. I told her I was never coming back there again, she said that was a good thing because they did not want customers like me and I was banned from there store. I was angry and told her to [censored] Off and that she was a [censored] Bi*ch and drove off. I have never been treated so badly as I was treated at this Burger King. Burger King has gone down hill on how they train there staff and I will never eat there again. After this happened I went to Mc Donalds and was treated with repect and the staff was very friendly there. This is why there number 1 and Burger King Continues to fall in there ranks. Peaple just need to stop eating there. There food is awful anyways.

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  • Sa
      12th of Jul, 2017

    I visited store 3867 in Lawton Ok at 12:50 pm 12 Jul 2017. As I walked into the store I noticed it was extremely humid and hot inside the establishment. The lady who took my order came to the register dripping wet from sweat. I asked her was she alright and she replied yes. I placed my order and asked another female why it was so hot in here. Her reply was the Air Conditioning Unit is out. I asked her how long, she replied for weeks. I was stunned beyond belief. Specifically how the owner and managers allow their valued employees to work in adverse conditions. (i.e. sweat box) The ladies also told me that someone tried to fix it but could not therefore they are waiting for a new AC Unit. I said why doesn't someone rent portable AC units to keep the employees cool while conducting day to day business. They looked at me with deer in head light look, as though "wishful thinking". It is absolutely amazing how some owners, cooperate business men/woman have little disregard for their employees well being. I no nothing will be done about this, someone will just sweep it under the rug, have a meeting with the employees, apologize and tell them see you tomorrow. I am prepared to call KSWO news if the A/C Unit is not fixed by 1200 noon 13 July 2017.

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