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Bulldog Broadband / Scammers

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Despite the telecom regulator CISAS awarding me £600 which it called 'substantial compensation' for the terrible service I've received I have yet to see a penny of it and I am now going to find out whether I should sue CISAS or Bulldog.

Bulldog has lied to me and to the regulator by telling them that my accounts have been closed. They haven't. I've been onto their website today and they are still intending to bill me. I don't know how many times they have assured CISAS they have closed the accounts but in the last couple of weeks I have had two emails telling me they were taking more money from my accounts which were closed last March. they've been doing this EVERY MONTH and there is NOTHING I or the regulator CISAS can do to stop them.

The laughable part about all this is that the allegedly senior executive at Bulldog who is supposed to be sorting all this out is none other than the man who offered me a derisory £20 earlier in the year.

The regulator has told me Bulldog has been threatened with being struck off the CISAS scheme and reported to Ofcom.

I've asked when CISAS intends to carry out this apparently empty threat because Bulldog is running rings around the regulator.

I've told CISAS I would never have accepted £600 compensation if I had realised that firstly it wouldn't be paid and secondly that I am continuing to have exactly the same problems for months on end.

CISAS is useless in my opinion. I'm going to find out who runs it and tell them so.

In the meantime, if anyone knows the name of the CEO of Pipex, Bulldog's parent firm, and his contact address and fax number please let me have it as I've asked Pipex for it repeatedly and they have failed to respond.

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  • Za
      9th of May, 2009
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    Bulldogbroadband - Scam
    United States

    I ordered a Bulldog Broad Band on 9th Jan. 2008. I got the connecting accessorise on 19th Jan. 2008 by post. I connected the BroadBand next day 20th Jan. 2008, as soon as I connected your bulldog broadband my computer crashed due to virus and my computer was totally dameged. I immediately called at your customer service and spoke to one Ms. Fortune. and explain my problem but she couldn't help me on this matter she say's to me the bradband is all right I was using AOL dialup internet service since a long time I didn't get any problem but as soon as I disconnect AOL and started Bulldog my computer crashed due to virus.When I told her about this she was helpless so I asked to cancell this service and she said it will done and I when I asked my cacellation reference and whether I should send the modem back she said there is no need for this and she said it will be done in 30day's. she said I will get information after 30 day's.

    After 30 days I get email regarding a payment, when I mailed back questioning this they said it was misake and ignore this bill. In the mean time I went back to AOL dialup and I have no problem with that. Then I decided to take AOL Broadband, here I was told to get MAC code from you. I contacted you regarding this, I was told they will send it by post. But I did not receive anything. I follow-up this matter but I did not get any help. Then I went online in your web site (May 21st & 22nd) and was given 2 ref. nos. BDR910463X and BDR912271X saying you will contact me but didn't get any contact. After some day's I called you and asked about the MAC code and here I was told that there is no MAC code on my tel. line and they gave me 2 seize date 24-02-08 & 25-02-08.

    Then I contacted my BT service and explained the problem and they advice to find out if there are any markers on my line. I then conveyed this information to you this time I was told that my markers will on July 3rd. Today ( 01-07-08) I received a post from you to pay 119.51 GBP.

    This is outrageous . First of all due to your broadband my Laptop was distorted and I had to buy other one secondly I disconnected & Cancelled Bulldog Broadband within hours of Installation thirdly you blocked Telephone line I couldn't access any Broadband for 6 months fourthly your customer service is one of the worst services I have come across. All the time I was contacting them they never mention my detailed status or any thing regarding my bill. It look like you were purposely prolonging my problem.

    This is really cheating the customer's, either fully cancel the bill and disconnect me from Bulldog or I will have to go for legal action against you.

  • Je
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    Bulldog Broadband - Nothing but problems
    Bulldog Broadband
    United States

    On March 3 I had an email from Bulldog telling me my bill was ready to pay and to see it on their website. Not only did I cancel my account well over a year ago but I've made two successful claims against them through the regulator CISAS since then. I'd suggest the person posting below also complains to CISAS.

  • Ki
      27th of Aug, 2011
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    Bulldog Broadband - Hidden costs!
    Bulldog Broadband
    United States

    I have just payed a £65 bill to a 'debt recovery' agency representing Bulldog Broadband. During my 6 month contract with Bulldog I had many connection problems which meant 'no broadband' connection.
    I wasted so much time on the telephone with Customer Service that eventually I visited their offices in London. After waiting over an hour in reception to be seen, I had a few minutes with a particularly defensive staff member. Again, no joy!
    The Customer Service was appalling, the connection had far too many problems and I have just been billed (again) for something I have already payed for. (over two years ago)
    I returned to Cable (now Virgin) as soon as I could as there are no hidden charges as there are with Bulldog Broadband.

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