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Budget Suites of America / management/crystal/security

1 4855 Boulder Hwy, United States

Hello my name is David Skelton and I recently was a resedent for over 7 months at the property listed anove. During my stay you would see all kinds of harrassement coming from security if you so happend to disagree with anything they said. Take forexample my case. one night about 2 weeks ago at about 1:30am me and my wife are sound asleep when all of a sudden we hete security, security real loud and flashlights blaring all around my apt. I then woke up and went tomydoor which was wide open now do to security opening it fully and I said can I help you and they said yah whys your door cracked I said is there a rule against it not being cracked. They said are you trying to be smart with us I said no but its 1: 1:30 in the morning and I just don't understand why you guys are at my door they then said well will get you kicked out of your program aren't you with help of Southern Nevada I said yes me and my wife both help of Southern Nevada and you make sure and have a good night and they said all will see and I close the door after that time they then started sand coming over saying we had too much traffic. I have the same five friends come over to my house I'm not a drug dealer can't afford drugs or anything like that so then they got their manager Crystal involved and one night about on the 31st of February we left our friend the house because they wouldn't give us the right key to our apartment we went there three times so we left our friend the house we then came back 45 minutes later after cast my wife check and for a locking mechanism on my door and that then Crystal next day said you're not allowed back in there and I said but I pay rent here in that against the law she said well soon so there's my complaint against you and yes I will be suing you over this case and they need to be checked with the Better Business Bureau thank you

Feb 14, 2019

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