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Brookstone Law / deceptive legal practices

1 Newport Beach, CA, United States Review updated:

I entered into a mass joinder lawsuit with Brookstone in the case of Wright vs. Bank of America in early 2011, and I paid $6, 000 up front as a retainer fee, and I have been bamboozle every since. They initially stated to me that I wouldn't have my house taken from me as long as it was implicated in a law suit and that they would file a lis pendens noticed, informing the public that a lawsuit is pending, but they never did. I tried on many occasions to have the lis pendens notice executed but no one would help me and the representative I initially spoke to was, supposedly, no longer working for the company. They took my $6, 000 dollars, my house was foreclosed, but I remained a litigant in the case.

In 2013, an appeal was needed to continue with the case, and I was told that in order for me to remain in the case, I would have to enter a new agreement outlining the term and payments of the appeal matter and, I was elaborately convinced of this elaborate story on how they believed they had merits in the case and supportive case studies that could win them the case. I was convinced and entered in to the "Appeal Agreement" to pay an initial $250.00 and $60 a month until the appeal action was completed.

Well, the appeal decision was victorious and we won the appeal. However, now Brookstone Law is asking me to pay $250.00 dollars a month that I was "already" paying or I will be dropped from the case.

My problem is that I was never "already" paying Brookstone anything, beside the upfront retainer fee at the beginning ($6, 000), until the Appeal. I paid the $60 through the duration of the Appeal, so what are these people talking about, now. They are trying to squeeze another $250 a month (out of me) through the duration of the case, as it goes back to Superior Count of Orange County. Why aren't thing back to where they were before they fought the appeal. Why, now are they attempting to get more money out of me. I am being threaten to be drop from the case, after they have taken my money for almost 2 years, when I was told that it would only take 5- 8 months in the appeal action.

My take on this law firm is that they how found a cash cow and is milking it dry. It is extortion for them to threaten to drop me from a case that I paid a retainer fee to join, if I don't pay them $250 a month.

Apr 24, 2015
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  • Li
      2nd of Jun, 2015
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    I had the same problem and was able to resolve the situation. It takes reaching out to them and discussing the matter. Also you have to read the documentation you signed when you went into the appeal process. They are willing to work with you.

  • Vi
      3rd of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    Thank you for your advice, I have read the appeal documentation over and over again. I did pay an initial payment of $250 to get the appeal started, and I had entered into an agreement to pay them $60 a month until the appeal case had reach an agreement, but I never sign-up to pay them an additional $250 every month until the actual case was adjudicated. Did you by any chance pay an initial fee of $250 to get the appeal started? Because I'm thinking this is where it gets sticky, but the bottom line is that the heading of the agreement stated appeal agreement and nothing else.

  • Vi
      13th of Aug, 2015
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    There they go again, Brookstone Law, debiting my account two time for $60 from the debit authorization I signed for the appeal proceedings, which has been completed since November 2014, please explain to me why are they doing this?

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