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I have done 6 Price Opinions on houses in my Real Estate market area of Maine. I have not been paid for any of them. I have called and called. I have been told I had to wait 90 days. I have explained it has been over 90 days. I am told then that they will send it for review for my payments, still no payment. July 5, 2016 starts this and the last one I did was November 11, 2016. I have continued to call them at least 4 times a day and I will now put complaints into BBB and any other place I can think of. I want to be paid. I did these in good faith and I had to travel to get to the properties.

I have called every month once or twice. It has been this Month of March that I have called and called and no one answers in the accounting department. The take a message and promise to get back to me in 72 hours.
This invoices that I have not been paid for are 3776088, 3783288, 3776374, 3776100, 3786966, 379642. I have updated my profile info. I have done everything they have asked

Mar 21, 2017

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