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Contact information:
Jessica Horton & Associates
882 School Road, Suite B
Hampton, Georgia
United States
Phone: 678.871.9660
Jessica Horton was my real estate Broker in Bellevue Washington in 2008. She and her husband (Jason) had moved there from Griffin Georgia to "start over" (as it turned out, there was good reason for that).

At the time I was preparing to deploy to Iraq, and I was putting my own residence up for rent. This home is beautiful, and I had paid $500, 000 for it just three years prior. The rent was set at $2, 800 per month, and she had insisted on a three year contract. Based on that, I had the tenant that was renting the uptstairs for $1, 000 a month move out.

As soon as I arrived in Iraq I began getting excuses for late rent, by the third month she had no money at all for rent. I then began receiving long winded irrational emails ranting and raving about the owner of the brokerage; she was sending these to all of the agents. She suddenly decided to quit, after a little more than 90 days.

I tried for a month to work something out with her, even offered to lower the rent to $2, 000 for the next year. Instead, she bailed out and left the home in shambles. Mountains of trash, holes in the walls, food everywhere. She left 80% of her furniture behind as well.

I had to fly all the way back from Iraq by month four and spent two weeks and hundreds of dollars cleaning and repairing the home. Jessica Horton went on and on about what a good person she was, and that she was going to pay me everything she owed.

Because she bailed out of the house on the cusp of winter (three ft. of snow on the ground that year), the home sat empty for 4 months until summer came. In the two years since she has bailed she's not paid one dime. She claims she and her family need "padding" in their life, and will pay me "one day" (she owes me about $20, 000).

She now lives back in Georgia and promotes herself as a real estate guru, claiming to be one of the top 30 agents under 30 years of age in the U.S. She even offers to mentor other agents.

Jessica Wynn Horton is not only the worst real estate broker I've ever met in my life, she's the most pathetic excuse for a human being I've ever met. Her word means nothing, her promises mean nothing, and she will use you for whatever she can get.

As I later learned, she had left Georgia because all of her assets and accounts had been frozen by the courts during a civil suit against her for Breach of Contract (imagine that).

Her corporations name is S & H REALTY VENTURES, INC. and her real estate license number is 250612, she currently calls her business Jessica Horton & Associates. If you trust this woman or use her services, your regret will run deep; I promise you that.

I will post photos of the destruction she caused to my home shortly, I'm currently in Afghanistan and do not have access to them.
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A  22nd of Mar, 2010 by    +3 Votes
I can't believe the woman in this post is even allowed to practice real estate. Just shows you how anyone can get a real estate license these days. Thats exactly why the market is in such a disaster, theres no regulation, and agents get away with murder.

I'm so sorry for what happened to you sir, please stay safe over there and thank you for what your doing. This woman will get what she deserves in the end, Karma always wins eventually.
N  28th of May, 2015 by     Best Advice +4 Votes
I considered using this woman as my agent awhile back, and I'm glad I Googled her name a few times. This complaint is just one of many, and in another complaint I read posted by a former client of hers, there was an issue that arose over her husband verbally abusing the elderly client over some shoddy repairs he did at her home, at Jessica Horton’s insistence.

The lady claimed to be afraid of him since she had learned he was a convicted felon that had served time in a Georgia prison, and wasn't supposed to be playing any role in the real estate business of his wife. Apparently Jason Horton was in fact convicted of Burglary while in possession of a firearm. I searched the records data base and sure enough, there he was. Here is his mugshot in fact.

Some clients have any had to call the police on Mrs. Horton and her husband to stop them from harassing them. The Real Estate Commission members should be ashamed of themselves for letting people like this operate in Georgia.
A  3rd of Jul, 2015 by    +2 Votes
U.S War Veteran Michael Creel posted the following:
"Jessica Wynn Horton is not only the worst real estate broker I've ever met in my life, she's the most pathetic excuse for a human being I've ever met. Her word means nothing, her promises mean nothing, and she will use you for whatever she can get. "

i totally agree with this. She and her ex-con husband Jason run the business Jessica Horton & Associates from a cell phone. She lists an office address; but the owner of the building claims that she has no office space there. Jason Horton gives real estate advice, even though he has no qualifications to do so. As a convicted felon (2 years in a Georgia prison for armed robbery) he is legally banned from entering the homes of his wife's clients. Not only did he enter my home; but he tried to charge me $950 for some cleaning he, his wife, and his two kids did in my home. I had already hired a professional cleaning service to clean my home; but the Hortons told me to cancel the appointment and let them do the cleaning. I did so. I had paid a contractor to pressure wash, paint and patch, and do all necessary cosmetic repairs. I had also paid a carpet cleaning service. I had already moved out of the house. So there was no furniture, nothing but a completely clean house in a gated senior adult community. The house was pristine; yet the Hortons advised me to pull up the cleaned carpet and pad so that the cement sub-floor was the only flooring. They told me that prospective buyers prefer to choose their own flooring. Jason Horton removed the carpet and padding himself because he wanted to purchase and install the carpet so he could make some money. I agreed to pay him; but, months later, he still hadn't done anything about the carpet. He told me that he would be happy to install the new carpet himself. After a couple of months with no flooring and no offers on my home, i called to ask about when he planned to have carpet installed. i said that i would pay up front so that he would not have to buy the carpet himself.. He did not appreciate my questioning his plans or judgment. He cursed at me, threatened me, screamed at me. i was so shocked! I attempted to talk to Jessica Horton about her husband's treatment of me. they share a phone; so Jessica was, as usual, unavailable to speak with me. MOST of the time, actually, Mrs. Horton was unavailable. That's why I had had any contact with Jason at all. At the time, i had no idea of his past. I had no idea that he had unlawfully been inside my home, and that he had unlawfully advised me as to the sale of my house. When i could not reach Jessica Horton, I called the local real estate board. I was advised to file a formal complaint, which i did. Jessica Horton subsequently told me that her husband's treatment of me had nothing to do with her and would not affect my exclusive 6-month contract. She emailed that she would NEVER let me go; that the exclusive contract was impossible to break because others had tried and failed to get out of it. She threatened to take me to court, bankrupt me. I hired Lowe's to install full-house new Berber carpeting with a 21-lb pad underneath. The carpet I bought was the best they had, as was the padding. Although I had moved to another city, I checked regularly on the house to make sure it was aired out, floors were clean, no cobwebs, toilets were fresh, home temperature was pleasant for prospective buyers. I was, at that time, 3 months into that contract and knew i had to get out of it. The advice I had received from the Hortons regarding flooring and cleaning services, among other things, was bad. If i questioned anything that Jessica was doing, I was accused of being hateful and angry. I was told that the house wasn't selling because it was filthy and stinky (???) Jessica Horton had begun to badmouth my house and me in a most unprofessional manner. I finally investigated her online and found all these complaints. I hired an attorney, got out of the contract (all her threats were empty), hired a reputable realtor, and sold my house. I have since discovered that others have gotten lawyers and gotten rid of them. If you read my initial complaint against her and her husband, you will see her INSANE rebuttal that follows. This woman an her husband are dangerous to any client's peace of mind and/or reputation. These people are crazy! If you doubt me, go to facebook and search for Jason Horton. He wields Bible scripture as weaponry and is quick to attack any who question his words. From one of many victims of these two...STAY AWAY from these charlatans! (My apologies if the events I have described are written out of order. I just get upset all over again when someone calls me about being victimized by these two.)
A  14th of Jan, 2016 by    -1 Votes
My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Jessica in 2012. She went above and beyond to meet our needs. Ww are using her again and continue to feel she does a great job. Makes me sad that people can post negative comments without verification. If you are reading this, please know that she has many happy clients.
N  29th of Feb, 2016 by    +1 Votes
Jgram, why you you claim these negative comments can't be verified? I have tons of proof to support my claims; I cannot speak for others on the board, but since I posted the actual complaint, my proof is all that counts. If you need to see proof, feel free to contact me.

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