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BP / Gas pumps are calibrated incorrectly and attendant is abusive‎

1 402 Main St.Ann Arbor, MI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (734) 761-1170‎

Gas Pump Calibration:
I went to this station on an empty tank that takes a maximum of 12 gallons to fill. The gas pump read 13.152 gallons when I was finished filling up. Therefore, the pump I used was not calibrated correctly.

Abusive Attendant:
When I reported this calibration error to the attendant and asked for a refund of the overage amount, he condescended to me, saying that I "hadn't counted the gas that went into my engine" and I "hadn't even read the pump gauge". Then he forced me to tell him how the pump was improperly calibrated, so I explained my reasoning.

While I was doing so, he began to interrupt me, saying that I didn't know what the [censored] I was talking about and that it wasn't any [censored]ing business of his. So I asked to speak to his manager. He called his manager on a cell phone, but there was some difficulty in communication, and he had to call again. The difficulty reoccurred, so he told me that the manager was going to call back on another phone.

At this point, I asked whether or not the station was independently owned or owned by BP Petroleum. I told him I would be happy to address my complaint to the corporate office. I also offered to address my complaint to the MDA Fuel complaint line. He said he would give me all of those numbers if I wanted them, and then his cell phone rang again.

When he answered it and identified the person on the other line as the manager, he told the man, who he called 'Mike', that he didn't know what the [censored] I wanted, some s**t about a gas pump, and I was "going [censored]ing crazy on him". Then he began to speak to the man in Arabic. When he tried to hand the phone to me a few seconds later, I told him I didn't want to speak to 'Mike' after having been set up for failure in a language I didn't understand. He told his manager that I was crazy, that I didn't want to [censored]ing talk to him now, and hung up.

I paid for my gas and asked for the promised telephone numbers, whereupon the attendant told me to "just get the [censored] out." I repeated my request, and he said "I told you to get the [censored] out, so get the [censored] out. Get in your piece of s**t Ford Focus and get the [censored] out." When I turned around to leave, he shouted "I hope you fit through the [censored]ing door."

Obviously, I was deeply concerned about the incident. I called the Ann Arbor police, and it is my understanding that they sent officers out to speak with the attendant. I also plan to call the MDA Fuel line and the BP Consumer Relations department tomorrow morning.

For your reference, here are these numbers:

MDA Fuel: 1-800-MDA-FUEL
BP Consumer Relations: [protected]

Should you need the police after doing business with these people, the Ann Arbor Dispatch number is: [protected]

Obviously, I would advise against doing business with them at all.

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  • Ga
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    I was ripped off at a Bp gas station In North Brunswick NJ on 10/08/08 . I only needed 5 gal of gas when I went into the station but the man manage to put in 10 gal. My car has a 16 gal tank and when I went into the gas station. I had 3 quarters of a tank a according to my gas gage which is never wrong. Gas even over flowed onto my car before he could shut off the pump. Also to all pumps were running very slow. It took him 10 min to fill my tank . I complain to the manerger but he said I was wrong and would not make an ajustment in the price. He was selling reg. at 297.09 a gal. I feel at the very most I should have only put in 20 dollars not 30 dollars. I've always uses bp gas but now I don't know if I will again.

  • Un
      31st of Dec, 2009
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  • Ca
      16th of Feb, 2011
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    Feb.15, 2011

    I purchased gas from a Bp station today that's located at Laramie and North ave. in Chicago on this date at approx. 5pm. I noticed that before I had begun to pump gas that it was already registering $0.07 so I decided to complain to the cashier who had waited on me. By this time, he informed me that it was now registering $0.10.
    This was before I pumped any gas. The response from the attendant became hostile and disrespectful and would take a hour to describe. This wasn't the first time this had occurred, but the first time I decided to complain.It also made me wonder if this was happening on a regular basis did this mean that the public was being swindled out of substantial sums of money over periods of time.
    I asked a stranger who just happened to be standing nearby about the situation and he replied that this also happens to him regurlary but he had just never taken the time to complain. I contacted our city's consumer affairs dept. and I'm now waiting on them to send me a form to complete. I also attempted to contact Bp's consumer relations dept., and after a recording told me that there was an average wait time of one minute to speak to a live representative I was put on hold for approx. 15 minutes before I decided to hang up. I will never spend a dime with Bp and advise all of my friends, relatives, acquaintances and strangers alike to reconsider doing business with a company that allow their employees to be so disrespectful to the buying public and individual stations to engage in unethical business practices.
    Calvin Thompson
    5012 W. Concord plc.
    Chicago, Il. 60639

  • De
      22nd of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    BP dumped 2 million gallons of bad fuel on the market in chicago suburbs and NW Indiana. Vehicle are breaking down or not starting. They are doing nothing to fix the problem. If you take your vehicle to a dealer, you have to pay up front and hope to get your money back

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