Boulder's Natural Animal / medical negligence

685 S. broadway, Boulder, CO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 303-494-7877

I am a past patient of Boulder's Natural Animal but I am not anymore because of some very serious issues I have heard about in the Boulder community as well as discovered myself. According to an assosciate veterinarian who worked with the owner of the clinic, Dr. Silver, he does not actually do the dental cleanings himself OR the extractions of teeth which I find to be a horrendous fault on his part. I also heard from this same seperated verinarian that he is horrible to work with becuase of his temper and also becuase of his wife. I have never had any negative interaction with his wife but I have had negative experiences with the veterinarian in which he got personally offended and stormed off becuase I mentioned that he was not treating my animal in the way that I thought was medically appropriate. When he returned to speak with he he was condescending, rolled his eyes and as I was leaving I overheard him telling a staff member that it is " ###s like me that make him hate his job". His use of western medications instead of the eastern medications i preferred paired with the information I recieved from the former vet made me NEVER want to return.

I will tell any person I meet to NEVER go to Boulder's Natural Animal. There are plenty of Great vets and vet clinics in Boulder ( My animal and I go to Petmenders now and are extremly happy with the level of care as well as the staff) give someone else a try.

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