Bodeaz / Dealeazultimate abs ripper - muscle stimulator and men super sweat slimming neoprene shapers

I bought two items from this website on 11th January 2018 worth AU $73 (Order Number - 190260), both items arrived and shockingly Ultimate Abs Ripper wasn't working at all and the Men Super Sweat Slimming Neoprene (3XL) size doesn't even fit to me, actually that fits to 11 - 12 years boy.
I have informed them the situation and they have asked me to return the products with my own expenses, so I have returned them in a speed post with my cost (AU $26) and It has been arrived one week later .
I have been sending an emails every day for my refund and they said as per the policy the money is not refunded and only thing they can do is provide with the credit voucher. I told them I do not want buy any products from them. And now they are not even responding to my emails.
I have tried to write a review on the Facebook page but surprisingly they have blocked my name from their Facebook page.
And I am so upset, this kind of behavior and response from the online stores will be taken away the trust from the customers.
I have all the proofs with written emails.

Mar 05, 2018

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