Bodeaz / Dealeaz / the worst customer service ever!

I ordered fitness watch last year Dec (2017) and I received this month (June 2018), ohhh's not receiveing, self collection actually. The worst service ever I seen and I evem thought that must be scam since no reply or service from them.
Please read full story below words that I sent to them.

Hi Grace,

Let me bring up some issues about your online selling including customer service.

The reason of your product delivery fail is "Delivery advice issued". Since the first time delivery was failed, I was really upset about the service but I try to contact again on April 30th and make sure to deliver correct delivery address or nearest post office which should be the nearest delivery address.

Jayshawn handled this case and he provided shipping details as #R4109, message mentioned that new tracking will be gotten back to me in the next 3 to 5 working days.
Instead of tracking number, I received so many annoying advertisments till May 9.
Then I sent message again about my delivery status to Bodeaz. Same guy Jayshawn replied message to me and mentioned my order was dispatched recently and since the tracking number is just new, I may not find any tracking information yet. And he said, generally it might be delayed between scanning events and tracking availability in the system.
After that no response at all till May 28 I asked AGAIN via message and no reply but still sent advertisment. (To be honest, it's really annoying and lost customer service satisfication.) AGAIN, I extend my patience and asked on MAY 30, no reply and finally I remembered email and tried my luck on May 31. Then you replied in detail tracking number as,

Tracking number : RN682156198CN
Tracking URL :

Really appreciate it. But collection date was ready since May 23 and now I am really in difficulties to do self collection to that quite far post office where is totally different of my given delivery address.

Anyway, I settled myself to change collection address and it may drag another 2 more days to collect but very much better than order will be returned back to your side and your team repeating same service to me then I may not receive my product till a year of order.

I appreciate if your team can contribute better service for your online selling. So far I found out this is my very first time to deal with bad online service ever.

I am so sorry for my wrong calling to you as "MARY" since email address is [protected]@ and I overlooked your name in your reply email.

Now I am praying to receive good quality of your product and if I need to repair or change items due to poor quality of product, I am sure to give up to contact to return or changed product.

Hope you understand customer's side and thanks for your time to read this long email. Now I feel better as well.


Jun 11, 2018

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