Bob's Furnitureworst customer service

Cu Feb 10, 2015 Queens New York

We walked in with intentions that we were going to receive information on couches and possibly buy. Fazi was the sales representative that assisted my wife and I. He was too aggressive and very persistent with trying to have us make our purchase that moment. At one point, we let him know that we were indecisive between two styles of couches. He told us that we should take one from each, disregarding the fact that they were different styles and colors. After each question we asked about a couch set, he would run off to find out pricing (although we were not interested). The final moment came to when he received a phone call and he asked us, " Are you going to buy or not because we are going to close?". We told him we weren't ready and he gave us his card and told us to come to him because he spent "so much time" with us.

We came back to Bob's about two-three days later and decided to allow a different associate assist us. The person's name was Jack. He was polite and professional. He allowed our experience to take a slight turn for the better. Fazi caught a glimpse of us and approached my wife and I. He said he had told us to come see him because he gave us his time and then said it was okay and good luck. Then we could see him complaining to other associates about us not returning to him. That again made us feel uncomfortable. We noticed that he was watching us the whole time we were there for our second visit. Overall, we were not satisfied with the unprofessionalism and discomfort that we received from the associate named Fazi. We will definitely will NOT be purchasing anything from Bob's Furniture.

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