BluebeanNo response for 16 months

In April 2008 I asked Blue Bean (in writing) to consider the policy with Blue Bean regarding being retrenched. I was immediatly informed regarding recieving the querie and informed that I will be informed shortly. I followed up at various occasions, with the standard response being, that a reply will be given shortly. The account were then handed over to the collections Dept. They contacted me, claiming that they can not speak for the insurance dept - seems very much like excuses! I was then referred to the legal dept who conceded that I really have been treated badly - still nothing happened. I was then contacted by a law firm ordering me to pay immediatly. I informed them that as no final amount can be determined, until such time that I recieved an answer regarding my claim, as well as the fact that I am still negotiatin, means that it is actually illegal ( according to the new Credit Act) to refer such a case to legal process. I then informed them that I would wish to go to court, as to explain how this big companies misuse their power and intimidate customers illlegally as to force their will on to the weak. I was also listed(illegally I May add.

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