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Bloomex Inc. / Late and dead mothers day flowers

1 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-888-912-5666

This is formal email I sent to the Bloomex customer service email address:

Dear Bloomex Inc. Management and Staff,

My name is K and I am a client of yours in Toronto. On April 27th, I preceded to order Classic Iris Bouquet from the Bloomex. website.
My information pertaining to the order is attached as an adobe pdf. format.

This is how the disaster began,

May 9th, the recipient my mother - T receives a phone call at 4p.m. from an Ottawa CanPar delivery driver indicating that she is receiving flowers and that he couldn't find the house at noon. My mother explained where exactly the house was located and the driver told her that it wasn't his problem, the flowers were going back to the warehouse and that she would not be receiving them till Monday and that they do not delivery on Saturday and Sunday. My mother further stated that the delivery driver should notify the florist as well as the sender, because she suspected they were a gift from her eldest son in Toronto. The CanPar delivery driver then stated that it wasn't his problem. - end of phone call leaving my mother crying.

My mother, T called me to thank me for the flowers and told me that they had not arrived. I immediately called CanPar with my delivery tracking number and asked them in regards to what to do with the order. A gentleman at CanPar said that he understood why I was so upset but that there was nothing he could do but file a formal complaint with the florist company Bloomex. Inc.

I then proceeded to call Bloomex's 1-800 number and furthermore there Toronto office numbers to figure out what was happening with the flowers. I received no answer the five times I called and left three messages to call me as soon as possible in hopes of resolving it before Mother's Day on Sunday.

I did not receive a phone call, so again I called the 1-800 number Saturday May 10, around 10 a.m., then again at 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Shortly there after I received a phone call from a Bloomex Customer Service Representative and I explained the above situation. She apologized for the mistake and re-assured me that my fresh new flowers would be sent to my mother the following morning for Mother's day and that I should call to ensure they arrived by noon on Sunday May 11th. The address and further delivery information was added to the account to ensure nothing got confused.

On Sunday, I call my mother at 4:00p.m. to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. We talk a bit and I ask her what she thought of the flowers, she explains that they hadn't arrived and that they will probably arrive tomorrow because of the mistake on Friday. I attempted to call Bloomex 1-800 number as well as the Toronto regional number and left 3 messages indicating that my mother had not received her flowers.

I also filed a message with the on-line live help system.

I called 3 times this morning and left three messages, finally only getting through to a customer service representative by selecting I wanted to place a new order.

Her name was S and she was from the Toronto office as the caller ID said 416. She answered my call around 1:00p.m. today May 12th and I explained the above story. She apologized and said that she would speak to management about the delivery company and how they made my mother cry. She said the delivery fee would be waived and that I'd be happy to know that the flowers were delivered at 12:44p.m. today signed for by my father M.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and again explained the situation, she apologized and there was a conversation about the nature of time-sensitive shipments and how could the company decided to send flowers two days in advance of the delivery date with no notification to the sender or for that matter the recipient. I also stated that if this was a wedding or a funeral that it would be even further devastating and could result in legal action. She again apologized and thanked me for my patience and assured me that fresh flowers were delivered. - end of phone call

My father unpacked the flowers and noticed that the bouquet a stench to it and that all of the flowers were in full bloom and wilting and that the green foliage was turning brown and rotting around the bag and water in the box. He took several photos of the flower arrangement and send them to my email address.

When my mother got home she saw the flowers and I called to see if she received them and if they had turned out all right. She thanked me for them and began to cry. My father took the phone to give my mother a chance to blow her nose and explained how the flowers arrived very close to death and that most of the bouquet was rotting. He took several photos of the flower arrangement and send them to my email address at around 8:30p.m. May 12, 2008.

These photos are from 2 hours post-delivery and were very much dead.

I attempted to call Bloomex. Inc at 6:30p.m. tonight and again at 7:45p.m. and left two messages indicating my frustration and dissatisfaction with the flowers as well as the anger with having my mother in tears and my father having to explain the whole mess to me.

There are many things that have went wrong with this order and if I do not get a phone call to further discuss this order and resolve it - I will be notifying VISA of my dispute with the remaining charges from the April 27th order and will be sending email and all attachments with a signed affidavit indicating the nature of the incident and lack of good customer service practices. You shouldn't promise clients something you can't provide.

1) The delivery date was April 11... not the 13th and the flowers should have been fresh and alive.

"Twenty gorgeous, vibrant, fresh cut blue iris are perfect for any occasion. To allow these beautiful flowers to last much longer, they are shipped fresh, budding, and ready to bloom. Measures approximately 15" tall. Vases are available during check out"

The website says for longer lasting flowers they are sent before they've even budded which is very obvious these are NOT in bud-form and furthermore the recipient as most recipients do, works and would not have been able to receive the flowers, it would have be arranged and me as the sender should have been notified.

2) The Delivery company made my mother cry and furthermore over-complicated the matter by providing poor customer service on the recipients end.

3) I ordered this on April 27th, because I knew Mother's day is a busy day for florists and that in order to ensure my delivery was on time and available I ordered it twelve days in advance and received no notification of the delivery date being changed.

4) I was lied to three times by Bloomex employees and management in regards to there being a fresh bouquet of Irises being delivered to my mother on Today, Monday May 12 at 12:44p.m and again when I tried to call customer service I was left on hold for 15 minutes and then sent directly to the machine.

The amazing thing is I'm a brand new client and one would think that as a company that pushes itself as a customer friendly business:

"Bloomex has a 99.7% customer satisfaction rate and we are continually working to improve this rate. We welcome and appreciate your feedback to help with this process."

may want to consider some adjustments. I could be a funeral director, a doctor, an actor or wedding coordinator and should be treated as a client that could offer a company further business and recommendation.



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  • Ca
      30th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I also order flowers for Mother's Day. I ordered them 1 week BEFORE Mother's Day requesting Saturday delivery as their website boasted Saturday delivery was available. Instead a CanPar driver (in Burnaby BC) left a note saying he tried to deliver the flowers on Fri but there was no answer and that the next delivery day would be Monday the day AFTER Mother's Day!
    She got them the following Monday, all right, but instead of beautiful roses she got dead tulips!
    All (both my mother's and my) calls/ emails to Bloomex have gone unanswered. I requested either credit to my credit card or delivery of the correct flowers. No reply yet! Now if we can get google to dish up the complaints BEFORE their website by the search engines that would be perfect!

  • Va
      1st of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes
    Bloomex Inc. - Late Delivery

    I ordered a special bouquet for my girlfriend to be delivered today by noon. She had a very special presentation that she was gonna present today at 1 and I wanted to wish her "All the Best" for her important presentation. I told the lady (Kelly) while placing the order to make sure it's delivered by 12 as it won't mean anything if it was delayed. The service was extremely unprofessional as a baby was crying when I called and the lady didnt have much information as she repeatedly went to website to check things. Anyway, long story short, I paid extra delivery charge for it to be delivered at 12 and the order was placed almost 48 hours ago so that they have enough time to process the order. It's been 4:47 p.m. now while I'm typing this complaint and my girlfriend still hasn't received the flowers. I called them 5-6 times and everytime I was asked to leave a message (as their agents were busy, wonder why?) and somebody will call me back. I also spoke to Karen through their online chat and she said the difference between standard delivery and special morning delivery will be refunded to me but they can't cancel the order. I had to tell my girlfriend about this and ruin the surprise just because of this ridiculous, extremely unprofessional customer service. This service was referred to me by one of my colleagues and I will not recommend this service to anybody. They are a bunch of scammers and nobody should ever deal with them. I will be contacting my credit card company tomm. to report this.

  • Ve
      9th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes
    Bloomex Inc. - Bad Product

    I will never buy flowers tfrom this company. If something is wrong with your order they do not refund or even respons to your concerns. All they care about is taking your money. I will tell all my friends these guys are scam artists. Look at what the Better Business Bureau has to say about this company...
    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.
    Reasons for this rating include:
    •439 complaints filed against business
    •Failure to respond to 347 complaints filed against business.
    •19 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
    •Length of time business has taken to resolve complaint(s).
    •Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.

  • Sh
      9th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    This company should be shut down. Why are they not helping their customers and trying to resolve issues? Would it not be in their best interest? All the blogs being posted reflect bad about their process and product. You would wonder why a CEO of a company lets things go this! Stay away from these guys and save your money.

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