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BIZ / Takes money and does not ship!

1 28308 Constellation RoadSanta Clarita, AR, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (805) 582-1236

Want entertainment, read Kim Samson's complaint. It had to have been written by bizbuilders damage control department. I mean what "normal" consumer would hammer away at some hidden terms like quote "If a customer doesn't take the time to read what's presented - they will certainly be expecting something that's not going to happen." NICE TRY!!!

LIES, LIES, LIES and they never have the guts to answer the phone! This is an off-shore junk dealer living on the edge. For example, you'll get a ship notice from UPS. Read carefully. The notice is that they submitted billing information to UPS - BUT NOTHING HAS BEEN SHIPPED. Well Kim Samson.... or is it Kim Lee or Kim Wang... NICE TRY!!! What ever you do DO NOT USE PAYPAL - you won't get your monay back. Want more proof? Copy this link to the Better Business Bureau link and read for yourself:
Fed's should go check for green cards.

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  • Ki
      12th of Nov, 2007
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    United States

    You know - I stumbled onto this site when I was trying to find BIZ Builder's actual website address. I wasn't sure it was - or

    My friend has been a customer of this company for 8 years, and told me about them, so I checked them out. I later became a regular customer - and now rely on their services for most of my business needs.

    What strikes me as "interesting" is all of the negative comments I see. I've never experienced any of these problems with BIZ Builder - and, in fact, I've had just the opposite experience! In fact, I just placed an order with them 2 weeks ago - and the merchandise is on the way from China, exactly as it was advertised to me.

    I can understand why so many people would be angry - expecting to receive an order in 1 week, if they've never actually read BIZ Builder's terms of sale. Certainly, if you don't read what you're actually getting into - your expectations will be very different than the reality. But, I think that this is simply an issue of carefully reading the terms - so that you know what you're options are!

    In every case - it seems that most of the complaints have to do with shipping issues - which are clearly explained on BIZ Builder's order page. If a customer doesn't take the time to read what's presented - they will certainly be expecting something that's not going to happen.

    My advice to anyone who's disappointed is to go back and read what you "indicate" that you were in agreement with! YOU HAD TO AGREE TO THEIR TERMS TO PLACE YOUR ORDER! If, after doing this - you are now trying to blame BIZ Builder for your failure to actually "read" what you said you had read - I think you're simply trying to blame others for your failures.


  • Wi
      12th of Nov, 2007
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    I couldn't agree more! They're a great company - with even better prices! Keep up the good work, BIZ Builder.Com! We love you!

  • As
      12th of Nov, 2007
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    Another stupid employee (kim) saying she stumbled into the site...

    Make sense out of her statements...

    i) she just stumbled into the site but oh...she made an order with Biz two weeks ago... very funny

    ii) you could have just looked them u as a .com or .net

    Biz is a total scam and all these responses are George and his cohorts.

  • De
      14th of Nov, 2007
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    Anyone who attempts to purchase from Biz Builder is asking to get their money stolen. Don't listen to the positive posts they are meant to lure you to them. Thats my opinion.

  • Di
      23rd of Nov, 2007
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    Unless you are prepared to wait and extremely long time for the item you have purchase, do not order from If you don't mind to wait, be my guest. I'm guessing that this company waits until they have a very large order of an item before they order this item from China. My mother ordered from a Jack LaLanne Juicer on June 28, 2007 and it was received November 20, 2007. Eight days short of 5 months. Now that IS a slow boat from China. All kidding aside, like I said, they probably must wait till they have a large order to fill (they will get a better price that way) and then make the order. How long it takes to get that order to that high of a number just depends on the popularity of the item etc. Their 'Policy' that you agree to before you finalize your purchase is thrown in your face each time you email and ask what could possibly delay an item that long. After 4 months (that is how long it took this time to get the right number of orders for this item I guess) and more emails are sent, they explain that there are 30,000 orders that have arrived from China and one of them is yours and now it must go thru customs. Another 3 weeks and like magic it is at your doorstep. Now all this may be very true however, this is the 21st century and customers don't understand when it takes 5 months to get and item that after waiting 3 1/2 months the item is seen at Costco for only $20.00 more. After waiting and stressing whether or not the item will actually be received, my mother would have paid the $20.00 more. BizBuilder you need to communicate with your customers (that purchase small quantities) better.

  • St
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    I also orders three items. When I called they kept giving me excuses and became extremely rude. Four months later I haven't recieved my items and when I try to log in it says I've been cancelled. It's a nightmere and no-0ne has returned my emails.. It's come to the point that I've had to let the bank take care of this mess. I would NOT recomend ever useing this comapany and I agree with the complaints saying ther're thieves and scamers with no integretity.

  • Ch
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    Bingo, well said. And, and a great observation. The world is full of idiots... I was one when I purchased from George at Biz Builders. They make it seem like it is your fault for not reading the fine print. Life is too short to read fine print for a juicer.... but then again George at BizBuilders has proved there are scams out there.

    George... thanks for the warning.

  • Su
      3rd of Mar, 2008
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    I agree with you and it looks like they took me, too. They will not respond to emails, phone or snail mail. However, they were sure were there to take the money and run. I never did receive the product. Is there any way we can get this dealer--these pirates--out of the water?

  • De
      5th of Mar, 2008
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    The only thing you can do is contact your card company and file for a chargeback, but do it right away, don't wait the 90 days or you will lose your money. Copy their ad that falsely claims " ships with 24 hrs" and send it with your paperwork. Their intention is to separate you from your money. Thats my opinion.

  • St
      6th of Mar, 2008
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    I have waited for my merchandise for 184 days and finally they said that they would process my claim and that it will take another 2-4 weeks b4 I'll will see my money. Folks, thats 7 months that they've had my money to use as the want. The ###ing ###, I 'm a little more than just pissed off. I'm f*cking furious. I can't beleive that this sh*t goes on in the United States.

  • Sh
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    I've read so many of these complaints - it makes me laugh! Having used BIZ Builder for over 5 years, I know all too well how their process works. Their pricing is ROCK BOTTOM, and ... if you follow their workflow, you can save a bundle. But, if you're expecting merchandise for FREE - within 5 days, you're living in La La Land!

    This company is not at all as so many of these complaints indicate. In fact, each complaint I've read is the same old issue - because the buyers have obviously not read the terms and conditions regarding orders placed with BIZ Builder.


  • Fr
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    BIZ Builder.Com - Scam and fake checks!
    BIZ Builder.Com
    Santa Clarita
    United States
    Phone: 661-702-7958

    I am a long-standing customer of this company, having placed well over 500 orders with them during the past 7 years. Recently, I stumbled across this website and was shocked to see so many complaints registered against BIZ Builder.Com. After reading each and every complaint, I couldn't resist posting this "complaint" on my own!

    FIRST COMPLAINT: Each and every BIZ Builder.Com customer is required to be in agreement with the company's standard "terms of service" agreement. Why, then - do so many people complain that the company is misleading them? The answer is simply this: THE CUSTOMERS NEVER READ WHAT THEY ARE AGREEING TO PRIOR TO PLACING THEIR ORDER!

    I believe this concept is often referred to as "Blame Game" behavior! Each and every complaint I've read seems to point the finger at BIZ Builder.Com, without even taking the slightest degree of responsibility for their [the customer's] failure to READ what they are agreeing to! In fact, after reading all of these complaints, I can't help wondering how many of these people actually have children! Is this what they teach their children to do? Always blame others for their [obvious] mistakes in life?!

    SECOND COMPLAINT: Nothing but "wining"! If you people feel so strongly about being cheated - why is it that you won't accept any responsibility for your original actions? It seems to me that when you agree to something, you should abide by your agreement! I know in my personal case, in all the orders I've placed with this company - I've only experiences a few "hiccups" - which were really no one's fault. But, in each case, BIZ Builder took care of the problem, which is "why" I'm happy to remain a loyal customer!

    The bottom line [for me] is that I just couldn't resist commenting on what I see written - because it's obvious that BIZ Builder.Com is being unfairly attacked for what are really failures on the part of so many customers that clearly NEVER READ WHAT THEY ORIGINALLY AGREED TO - and instead, come to a site like this to ### and moan to the World!

    I have never seen such a miserable example of dodging responsibility in my entire adult life - until I read what's written about this very fine and reputable company.


  • Sh
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    You're all absolutely NUTS! Crybabies always moan and groan to anyone who will listen!

    My personal experience with this company has been ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I'm happy to use their services, and even more proud to offer my support. I think it's certainly fine to complain, but ... not when the complainer is actually 95% at fault. In the case of all complaints I've read about BIZ Builder.Com, the same issue seems to be written over and over again - and the truth is ... that in each case, if the customer would have actually READ the terms of service accompanying their order, they would have understood that you can't get the pricing offered by BIZ Builder.Com and receive your goods within a week!

    It's absolutely impossible to receive factory-cost pricing, with [in many cases] FREE SHIPPING ... without a reasonable period of time to allow for order processing.

    My advice is simply this: If you want the best "deal" in town, join their BIZ Co-Op. You'll get the goods at pricing that's impossible for a normal wholesale supplier to offer [because they are really not making any money selling it to you at their cost]. On the other hand - if you want it fast, shop elsewhere!

  • Jo
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    How funny! I'm also a BIZ customer - and just read your comments. I agree 1,000%! Here's my take:

    1. First, BIZ is definitely NOT a typical retail website. I think this is where most people fall prey to their expectations being destroyed. If you think you're going to get merchandise AT FACTORY COST and not pay a penny in profit to anyone - with free shipping, etc. - in less than 2 weeks, you're clearly living in outer space!

    What BIZ Builder.Com IS GOOD FOR ... is buying merchandise at true factory cost - with ZERO MARK UP! Now, using simple common sense - one should realize that there must be a "catch"! In fact, the only "catch" - is that their ordering process involves amalgamation of orders - so when you place your order, it's not received via "air service" from China. Instead, it ships via sea container - and takes at least 60-90 days to land here in the U.S. The goods must then clear U.S. Customs, check into the BIZ warehouse system, and then finally ship to the customer.

    IF YOU ARE A SINGLE MOM - AND ORDER A PRODUCT FROM BIZ ... EXPECTING TO RECEIVE IT IN 15 DAYS, YOU WILL SURELY BE VERY DISAPPOINTED. Most likely, your package will arrive 3-4 months after you order the package [this is explained on their website, but most people never read what they are agreeing to!]. On the other hand ... if you're a business like I am - you end up with TERRIFIC DEALS ... that can't be found anywhere else on the net!

    2. The bottom line is this: Retail Customers [individual, small and single piece orders] - stay away from this site! Just pay more money, and order elsewhere [there are thousands of other sites to choose from]. If, on the other hand - you are compelled to order from BIZ Builder.Com because of their great prices - EXPECT TO WAIT AT LEAST 3-4 MONTHS TO RECEIVE YOUR MERCHANDISE!

    YOU SIMPLY CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! If you want it cheap [literally at true factory cost] - you're going to have to wait! If you're just a cheap person, trying to save money and not willing to wait a reasonable period of time to receive the goods, you can certainly scream and yell all you want - but, it's not going to change this company's business model one bit!

    The bottom line is this: BIZ BUILDER.COM is without a doubt the very best place I've found to order merchandise "factory direct" - without having to order a complete container of merchandise - and save a fortune in the process. For items I need in 1 week or less, and I'm willing to pay a reasonable mark-up, I shop elsewhere!

  • Jo
      27th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    My take: Almost every complaint I read concerning this company is the exact opposite experience I've had. BIZ Builder.Com is an outstanding company - with impeccable Customer Service.

    The best is left for last: THEY'RE PRICES ARE UNTOUCHABLE ANYWHERE ON THE NET - BECAUSE YOU ARE PAYING TRUE FACTORY-COST. Of course, there IS a cost for this luxury: You must be willing to abide by their Terms of Service. What I've noticed in these complaints, are people who expected all of the benefits [cheap prices] without having to abide by the rules!

    It reminds me of little children - without regard for "responsibility".

    Get a life, people! If you don't like to terms, shop elsewhere! If you want the great prices - then play by the rules and quit ### and moaning!

  • De
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    Their employees are always coming to the complaint sites and saying saying they are customers an how whenever anyone they rip off is mad, it makes them laugh. This shows their mentality. They think they are clever to steal from you. Do yourself a favor and if you read this post and 90 days has not passed call your card company and get your charges reversed. If you wait you will lose your money. They will then probably ship you your product and then turn you in to collections after you pay for it and try to get you to pay twice. If they have to steal $60.00 or $100.00 at a time from unsuspecting people lured to their site by bogus advertising, just imagine what would happen if paid to join their co -op. I was looking for a juicer and had been on Walgreens site the day before, I somehow wound up on biz builder after clicking on Jack La Lanne juicer. It was early in the morning and was half asleep and I fell for their bogus ad on their site that says ships within 24 hrs. In my haste and not wanting look for Walgreens, I should have checked a complaint site to see who they were. Hindsite is 20 20. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these clowns. This is my opinion.

  • Jo
      4th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I love this company! Been a member of their co-op for over 1 year now, and love everyone of their CSR's! Great people with really great products - especially when they're offered at cost.

    I think the complaints here are funny. What a bunch of cry babies :-)

    The simple answer is if you don't like their policies, shop elsewhere!

  • Re
      6th of Apr, 2008
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    Not only did I wait 6 months for the blender, but when it arrived, it wasn't what I ordered. We have a large family, so I had ordered the 8 mug size, and they sent TWO. Then when I asked for the money difference between the smaller and larger quantity blender mugs, they said they'd reimburse me $2.95. Ok, you do the math...$49.95 - $24.95 is $2.95? OR they said they'd give me a thank you...I don't have the time to wait for another slow boat from China to deliver products that are smoking up my kitchen. I'm never going to order from Biz Builder EVER again, and I'm spreading the word so that no one else gets burnt like I did.

  • Jo
      7th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes


    If I hadn't read these rude comments for myself, I wouldn't have believed it. I guess you're all just lucky you live in America - where you can shoot your mouth off without having to back up your statements with anything considered factual.

    I've been a customer of this site for years - and have always been treated with respect and care on each and every order I've placed.

    If you check their website, you will find the truth regarding these issues:



    Furthermore, for those of you who might be inclined to believe anyone who could use such foul language - and disrespect U.S. Citizens - should have been with me a few years ago while fighting in Iraq. You should [those of you who have been rude to the employees of BIZ Builder.Com] all be ashamed of yourselves. We risk our lives for freedom in America - and when I read terrible comments like those posted here [including several that are racist and defamatory] - I wonder why we are even fighting for YOUR freedom.

    Shame on those of you who have left comments with such hatred in your heart. In my opinion, YOU'RE the ones that deserve to be locked up.

  • Al
      23rd of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Actually, I did experience [like several others here] a surprize that my first order was going to take over several months to receive. I was very surprized to finally understand "how" BIZ Builder's program actually works.

    In fact, the misunderstanding was not BIZ Builder's fault - it was MY FAULT for not carefully reading and understanding exactly "how" their program actually does work! That's not their fault [like so many of you online seem to argue]. IT WAS MY PERSONAL FAULT FOR NOT TAKING THE TIME TO READ THEIR PROGRAM MORE CAREFULLY BEFORE I ORDERED.

    That being said - after waiting for over 3 months to receive my order - I received an email from BIZ Builder advising me that the goods were no longer available from their factory - and, directing me to a special page on their website so that I could receive my FULL MONEY RETURNED.

    I followed their instructions - and, in fact, received my full purchase price returned promptly - just as they said!

    In retrospect - now that I understand "how" they actually work, I would definately consider future purchases from them. I think BIZ Builder has been absolutely honest and is certainly not responsible for my lack of careful review. I also think that the rest of you out there who continue to bash this company need to look at your own personal actions.

    Blaming others for your own lack of careful review is unfair, and frankly - quite childish. EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR PROGRAM IS CLEARLY DESCRIBED. IT JUST TAKES TIME TO ACTUALLY READ!

    P.S. Details on the refund notice I am referring to are available at these links:

    26-Piece Accessory Kit:

    Jack LaLane Power Juicer:

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