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Biz Builder - Magic Bullet / Beware of Biz Builder!

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I ordered from Biz Builder a 21 piece "Magic Bullet" and one free Complete 5 piece cookware set on 12-15-2006. I received my magic bullet at the in of January 07. Today is [protected] and still never received my free 5 piece cookware set. I have kept in constant contact with the company, but they always have a excuse. In Dec.of 2006 they said it was on back order and should receive it at any time. Now when i talk to them, they say it will be on back order till 2008. I would never order from this company again. They have did nothing but lie to me. Most unreliable company I have ever dealt with. Beware of BIZ Builder.

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  • Br
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    I order a Bullet Magic Blender from on April 14th, 2007 and have still not received it. Today's date is 6/21/07. I send them an e-mail and they tell me I should receive it within 30 days. After 30 days passes, I send another e-mail and they say 30 days again. They say I should receive it by the middle of July, but I won't be holding my breath.

  • Fr
      22nd of Jun, 2007
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    To be honest - I have to completely disagree with these two comments! I have ordered from BIZ Builder.Com on several occasions - and, their customer service has been stellar! In fact, the company is so proactive - they have taken the time on several occasions to call me in advance of a problem I was completely unaware of - just to help me avoid unnecessary delays.

    Furthermore - when I read what the others have written, I get the sense that these two are typical "blame someone else but don't blame me" types - who refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

    Regarding the 5-Piece Cookware set - I know for a fact that BIZ Builder has been very proactive with their customers to inform them of the delays from their factory - because I have personally received 4 emails myself!

    In summary, I couldn't disagree more with these two and can only say that my experience has been the exact opposite.

  • Ni
      3rd of Jul, 2007
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    I also feel conned out of about 60 bucks from I ordered a "magic bullet" type blender system that was a bit cheaper and came with free shipping. I ordered it back in APRIL of 2007 it's now July 2007 and I still haven't received it yet. They said it's in the final stages of shipping but this is bullcrap.

    I just sent them another email today telling them that 3 months is ample time to get my stuff mailed from china to the USA as I've ordered from there before. I'm about to move to a new residence and have little hope of ever seeing this package arrive.


    I don’t believe they are actually a company at all. They probably just have a fake website up and don’t have any products at all. They just take your money and give you the runaround for months hoping you’ll just give up and they can keep most if not all of your money in “shipping costs” or what not when they probably NEVER SHIPPED ANYTHING AT ALL!

    I’m sure I won’t receive a response from these idiots either.

  • Su
      7th of Jul, 2007
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    I think you guys are NUTS! I've ordered 4 times from BIZ Builder.Com. YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT THEIR WEBSITE IS A FACTORY-DIRECT PORTAL! It is not a typical retail website.

    The prices are ROCK BOTTOM - but... sometimes, if they are out of stock in their warehouse - the goods simply ship direct from their factory partners [mostly in China]. You can't expect to get a $50 item - with FREE SHIPPING from China in 5 days! Common, people! Are you all spoiled brats, or what?!!

    If you want the blender for $50 - that retails for $150, you can order it at BIZ and wait, or... go to another site and pay $150! BUT... QUIT BEING BABIES!

    My goodness...

  • Br
      20th of Jul, 2007
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    Just an update, I still have not received anything except excuses from Bizbuilder. I am at day 97. They guaranteed delivery in 90 days and will not allow me to cancel my order. Start ordering for Christmas 2008 and you may get your items in time. Also, I'm 99% sure Susan works for Bizbuilder.

  • Sh
      20th of Jul, 2007
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    Wow - seems like quite a few of you have a real problem here! I'm happy to put in my in my 2-cents! I've been a BIZ customer now for 3.5 years - and jointed their "co-op" over 1 year ago.

    I've placed MANY orders - and never had a problem [except for one order that was held up in U.S. Customs for over 30 days]. BIZ Builder has been a joy to work with - and I've also used them to produce many of my business printing requirements. As far as their "co-op" is concerned - I'm just thankful they offer the service! I've probably saved cost to $100,000.00 just being a co-op member.

    I agree with the other poster: I think you guys are all cry-babies, and should get a life!

  • Br
      23rd of Jul, 2007
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    Bizbuilder, how do you sleep at night? You give crappy service and when anyone complains, you have an employee go on the complaint boards and write what a great company you are and pass it off as a customer. I've been told several times that i shouldn't complain about crappy service because I got a great deal (on a product I may never receive) and I didn't spend enough money to complain. I will never order from them again.

  • De
      24th of Sep, 2007
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    They are a scam company. Don't buy anything from them.
    There are other sites with the same products for the same price without the cheap freebee's, with real three day delivery, and a money back return policy. I'm not whining and I do have a life, and a pretty good one. I should have done a little research and Googled them before I bought anything. I bought another juicer, if I ever get the one I ordered from them I'll give it to someone in need, if I don't then my credit card co will have to reimburse me.

  • Er
      11th of Mar, 2008
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    I also ordered their personal blender system. It was to include a few free items as well as free shipping. I ordered on November 24, 2007 and still have not seen the product, nor have I received any updates. When I write to them, they refer me to their policy page. Granted, they say on this page that I must wait 180 days before they will refund my money, but really, who expects a shipment to take 4 months, even from China. I'm certainly not going to order from them again, and I truly don't expect to ever see the product nor have my money refunded. I suppose it's just a caveat of internet ordering and I should be happy I've only lost $50. My attempt at saving $20 has cost me $50, plus the $70 I'll have to spend to get it. Hmm... $120... I could have bought a really nice one. Lesson learned. Shop at another site.

  • Tr
      21st of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I ordered a "Magic Bullit" on 12-11-07, still not here yet. When I sent e-mail to the company, they would sent back the terms and conditions sheet a few days later. I sent a e-mail letting them know I feel like they are false advertising, and will be sure to let others know that. They in VERY harsh wording said I was using threats! I dont quite know how I was threating them, other than to tell the truth about them, and that is called honesty, a term I dont think they know. They now say they will have no contact with me... Like that has changed.. but I want my money or my product. I understand planes fly from China every day, often more than once. AND to you people that work there and put lies on this site could spend your time more productive manner, By using time finding paying customers orders and we wouldnt need this spot, face it this is a complaint blog, why are you calling us cry babies, and saying you made soo much money with this bogus company. be ashamed, how do you sleep at night?

  • An
      9th of Dec, 2008
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    First mistake you all made was you ordered online. They offer it in stores people, you just have to use your noggin to find it. (try Walgreen's/Walmart) I personally have never used this product but it looks awesome and i would love to own one to try it myself. You are the ones who made the mistake of ordering crap online because you were probably too lazy to get up and look for it at a store and if you had done that you would have your magic bullet and wouldn't have to bother writing on here.

  • Ar
      26th of May, 2009
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    We ordered online, The Magin Bullet, back in 2003 and still have it and it works awesome. We use it on a daily basis. We make Smoothies; I use it for my dogs treats when I need to grind up something.

    We need to order a new Blender soon though, this one is getting worn out, from using it so much.

    I personally love The Magic Bullet.

    Sorry others are having problems.

    @Andrea--They used to NOT have them in stores. And all you had was online to buy them. It appears that all online products, if you wait long enough, they will eventually come out on the market in stores, like Walmart...Even when they say, "Not sold in Stores" ...what they need to add to that is " not yet anyway"

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