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Bell Express Vu / fraudulent billing

1 Canada Review updated:

I cancelled my account with bell express vu services in aug 2004 when my home was sold. I arranged via canada post a forwarding address.
Now more than 3 yrs later, I have a collection agency calling me that I owe from the bell express vu account over 200.00. I have never left any bills ever unpaid and i have not recieved any correspondence from bell express vu in three years. And now I am harrassed by some collection agency. I feel tbell vu must have fraudulent billing practices or very poor company communication when service is discontinuesd.
What a rip off company.

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  • Ys
      21st of Jun, 2008
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    Express Vu, and all the companies under Bell's umbrella offer the worst service and the worst customer service. I heard that they reconnect the service three months after the disconnection. I have a different problem: we get our services interrupted all the time and therefore the PVR records only 10 minutes of a program. We consider ourselves lucky if we get a TV show recorded in full. And now it has been 4 days without service. The customer service just told us that all the PVRs of the same model as ours are not getting signals. Everywhere. And they don'y even bother to send an email to apologize.

  • Dr
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    The same thing happened to me. When a credit report was run on me is when I found out that I supposedly owe them money! What a rip off!

  • Fu
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    I had my ExpressVu service cancelled due to the bad reception for months, just too busy to call in to cancel. The stupid customer service agent told me the final amount that I am to pay for the cancellation of service. Sure enough, I've received a bill with that same amount, I've made that last payment and I did not received any signals afterward that. A month after, they send me another bill for 25 dollars as if I've never cancelled the subscription, there's no way I owe them anymore money, so I've ignored it! It's been at least a year since that 25 dollars bill, and they sent a collection agency after me? WTF!!

  • Tu
      15th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I cancelled Bell satellite years ago, when I couldn't get service in my house from a move. They said they would credit my account fully . Two weeks later...three calls from Bell saying I owed them money still. WTF. So they said they would clear it. Two weeks later..I got another bill...they cut it in half...well ain't that the cats a$$

    Well, another call to bell...two hour hold. They finally said we cleared it for sure. Ok no calls from collection agency.

    Two years later, my bank does a credit check on me...says I owe Bell the full amount they mentioned. It's affecting my credit big measley [censored] company...who is full of lies. Don't let them put you on hold. Record conversation, but tell them you are recording it.

  • Sa
      28th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Same issue here. Wanted to cancel Bell TV in June, they told me that I was under contract until August 2009 and would have to pay an early disconnection fee, however if I kept paying until August I could avoid the fee. I kept paying, I sent back the receivers, and then they still tacked on the 150$ early disconnect. I've called every month so far...e-mailed every month. All I get is a call center person who doesn't understand what I'm saying, or an e-mail back that's cut and pasted from stock text. Their customer service is the worst I've ever dealt with. They've set up a huge call center to field calls from people like us that can't get what they ask for. I don't see how that saves them money. It's almost November, they keep sending me the bill and asking for payment.

  • Vi
      28th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    A couple of months ago I signed up with BELL internet and then a couple days later decided to go with Bell TV. Taking advantage of the Bell Bundles. Because everything was on two orders they were unable to bundle my account right away and had to wait for the first months bills.

    I called a CSR to get onto the One bill and take advantage of the bundling. Everything seemed good to go. However, since then, I started to receive further bills notifying me that I have an outstanding amount owing, phone calls (No messages left). I continued to monitor my online acount and my balance was 0.

    The other day I picked up my bill to find a Disconnection Notice if the payment was not made. I called a customer service rep. to get an explanation on this...passed over a few time to different people with no resolution. I told them I wanted to cancel my service - both TV and internet. That would cost $150 for the disconnection charge.

    I am so pissed- I don't understand why I have even received a disconnection charge in the first place and now I don't even want to deal with BELL.

  • Sk
      12th of Jul, 2016
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    Bell Express Vu - Rude Morons
    Bell Express VU
    British Columbia

    We had Bell Express for around seven years and then we moved. Called Bell and cancelled for about four months. We called and resumed service. About a year later the bills started coming in. Two hundred, four hundred and the last one being over seven hundred dollars. I must have been on the phone with all these idiots who did not a thing to help out. Finally I got to speak with this smart ### supervisor and told him I wanted compensation for my time. The big jerk give us one month free cable. Last month I tried calling Bell and I give up and my wife called and told them we had enough of their poor service and bad attitude. We now deal with Columbia Cable which has a office right in town. Great service. I had trouble hooking up the DVD and they sent a guy over within hours who hooked it up and no charge. Bell Express, NEVER again
    Wayne in Nakusp

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