Bel Furniture / After sales service

Firstly, I purchased a three piece sectional sofa, a rocker recliner, a dining table for 8 with all 8 chairs and a rug. Total cost around $5000 so by no means a small purchase. Purchase date was end of november 2011. Sales man was very curteous, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Here's where it all goes wrong, first delivery consisted of table 8 chairs, 3seater part of sectional, 2seater part of section and corner section of sofa. I rejected everything except the 2 seated. The rest was worn like it had been used on display for years, the colour was ice cream and was more or dirty brown when it arrived. Table was totally scratched and chipped, chairs were broken and scratched and chipped all in all it was a disaster. Delivery two, early dec, three seated sofa, 8 chairs, dining table and corner sofa, again the table and chairs were scratched chipped and broken, I rejected 4 chairs and the table. The corner sofa was scratched and was rejected. The three seated was accepted and in good condition. Delivery three late december consisted of dining table, chairs, and rocker recliner. Rocker recliner looked and smelt like ex display model it was filthy, scratched, and generally disgusting. Table and chairs were scratched dented and in a terrible state. The delivery men has also applied stain to chips made on the journey to the house, the stain was still wet and the chips were huge. Delivery 4 Jan 21, co sited of table chairs, corner section of sofa and rocker recliner, table and chairs was the same set that was delivered in delivery 1 so I rejected again and corner sofa was same as previously delivered. I accepted the rocker recliner as it was new. All the time during the last two months I have spoken to 3 managers at bel furniture and they have not bs able to resolve the situation. Dealing with this company is hell!! The after sales service is appalling, I will NEVER purchase from this company again and I warn off anybody who mentions them, this is the worst service, not to mention the useless managers, Bill and Raymond who don't care about the after sales service. They should bs fired. On a side note everything was paid in full in the store, so they received payment and now two months later I still haven't received what I paid for. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY YOU WILL REGRET IT! I will update this post as the saga continues.

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