BBG Communicationsrip off!

I used a phone box with a payphone this week, just off Regent street in London. I had just left my mobile phone for a battery replacement in the Apple store in Regent Street. I had 3 hours to wait until it would be ready to collect. Whilst killing the 3 hours and browsing around the shops I saw the phone box and thought I would call my husband at home to advise him I would be longer than i expected.
The phone box instructions said 60p in coins required, which I didn't have but there was a slot for a credit card. I used the card option, made a brief, approx 2 minute call home. There was no indication as to how much the call would or had cost.
Once I collected my mobile from the apple store I had several calls and text messages alerting me to possible fraud on my credit card and to call my Bank. Several calls totalling more than 45 mins, there was a charge of £6 on my card from BBG communications. How can such a call cost £6?!!!

Dec 01, 2018

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