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This is probably the worst managed company I have ever dealt with. I should have believed all the stories I heard from others before I started working there. Cari Baylor took over the company from her father, and has literally destroyed the company morale overnight. She claims to be religious, constantly talking about GOD and asking if people want to come to her church revivals. She, however, is as far from GOD as can be when she is in the office. I know it's a trucking company, but I have never ever heard someone use so many curse words on a daily basis to everyone she comes across. She tears her employees down and does nothing to improve the environment. Zero respect for the staff. The facilities are trashed. The pay is horrible, without raises annually, and earned PTO is not paid out if you leave the company. The systems are old. The are no controls or procedure implementation practices. Everyone hates working there, but too scared to quit or complain. PLEASE do not go anywhere near this company, at least until Cari Baylor and her Cousin Ben are no longer involved. RIP Bob!

Baylor Trucking
Baylor Trucking
Baylor Trucking

Nov 18, 2016

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