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Bram and barratt have clearly communicated in written to us that they are not responsible for stolen items in our development.
Our secure car parking are accessible with simply pushing with a scooter on the pedestrian gate. Police said to me: "this is a serious security issue". My motorbike was stolen! Please be aware of your cars, possessions and motorbikes!
We pay a very high bill for a 24hours concierge service, but the concierge (S) are supposedly not trained to watch in real time the monitors (In other words barratt states they are not trained to watch tv – I know: ridiculous!!!). That means we have 0 security on our development.
Example: the thieves entered, roamed around and exited the secure car park twice for a total of 20 minutes in two different dates (12th and 14th february) !!! The concierge did not alert police!!
Look on google and you will discover that:
- senior management in barratt london has been arrested for corruption
- there are pending requests of intervention of mps on barratt for the poor level of construction they delivered
I believe that clearly bram and barratt are not delivering their promises and commitments!!!

Mar 17, 2017

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