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Bangalore Traffic Police / Charged for nothing

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This is regarding the traffic police misbehaviour on 12th-Oct-2009 at 8.58pm near cool joint junction in jayanagar 4th block.

I was riding my scooter and the signal was just turned orange from green when my scooter crossed zebra crossing. I beleive that i can go on. But there were 2 cops who stopped me in the middle of the road and asked for my licence. I showed it and then the senior cop says pay 200 rupees for jumping the signal. I said why should i pay when the signal was still not red and i crossed zebra crossing when it was just turned to orange from green. He argued with me for nothing. Finally he was about to give me a notice. I said, ok give me the notice with my license. He said i should go to the court to explain everything and collect my licence from there. That was higly unacceptable. He was not talking to me properly so i kept quite. There was another cop who caught another fellow for the same reason. That rider showed his license and was asked to go without paying penality. I asked why did u let him go? the senior cop says that he was asking for some address. How is asking address related to stopping a rider in the middle of the road and ask for showing his license? this is ridiculous. I asked the senior cop, why dint u ask him for penality. He says that's none of my business. He asked me to pay 200 rup. I said for jumping signal its 100 not 200. He kept quite then. He took 100 from me but gave me a receit that looked like a notice. I dont think we must pay to the cops. Its a notice and i shoud pay penality only at traffic police station not to the cops stading in the middle of the road. I think cops still loots common man like anything.

There was another fellow who joined those 2 cops. That man was not a cop and he has no rights to teach what is good and wats not. He started arguing with me for no reasons. Its the duty of cops to talk to us in an decent manner not like an illitrate.

I beleive that i did not break any traffic rules. I was asked to pay(for nothing) but did not get a genuine receipt for the same. Can there be a fair decision?

Please do the something else if this continues then people will break rules as its not worth it.

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      7th of Aug, 2011
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    Just listen to my case you will be amused on 7th aug 2011 on the silkboard junction i was on the road towards marathalli...i was new so i asked a traffic policeman "will bus stop here" he said something and i didnt get so i asked"what?
    He said(these were his words in a manner of asking a question ) "yahan bus rukegi... hain...?" i got puzzled so said " haan main wahi puch raha tha yahan bus rukegi kya"(in a extremely polite way)
    then he said " tujhe kya lag raha hai yahan bus rukegi kya?pagal hai kya tu...samajh nahi aata, ye signal hai " in a extremely rude way, so i said why are u getting angry,
    so he replied this " tujhe kuch pata bhi hai" i said " nahi pata bhai anpad hai hum", so this was the legendary reply came "kya bola tu main anpad hun...abe ullu ke patthe ...btaun tujhe.." then he started rapidly speaking in kannada, probably he was abusing me( a passer by told me), i even said sorry if he has misunderstood me but he kept on abusing i just walked away.
    I was feeling helpless and disgusted, this is the case with these traffic policeman of Bangalore. After being so polite he was abusing me, now which sin i have commited if i had asked about bus stop to a traffic policeman?

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