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I had recently taken my Dachshund/mutt to the Banfield Pet Hospital located in the Petsmart chain in my home town. I had come to this hospital on several occassions in the past with no incident, and the staff loves my dog, chief. I have had excellent care from Dr. Valeshega and Dr. Schneider. However, on this occasion I was subjected to another Dr. Dr. Stephanie Smith. I was talked down to like a small, ignorant child in a condescending manner, and then blamed for everything that was wrong with chief. To note ... he gained 5 lbs from the previous year, excercizes more then I do, and I'm not anywhere near what one would label Obese. She may be a good vet? but her people skills need improving.
To make matters worse, the following morning after recieving his shots for Leptospirosis and Distemper/Parvo his body developed welts that resembled an Alligator skin on his back coat. I called Banfield again, asking if there were any reason for this reaction and what I could do to alievate his discomfort. I was then chastized and told that its not the shot or any of his vaccines, but that I, once again, am to blame for my dog's sudden condition. That he must have gotten into something in our completely empty, but for grass and trees, yard. I own 2 other dogs and both are fine. No welts, bumps, or alligator back issues.
As a result of DR. STEPHANIE SMITH and her shotty customer service skills, and questionable knowledge of Veterniary medicine, I will no longer be subjecting my family pets to this hospitals care. Obviously they don't need my money if they're going to give my dog an allergic reaction to unnecessary multiple booster vaccinations and then blame me for the horrible results. Im a pet owner, not a VET!

And as for Dr. STEPHANIE SMITH ... I hold a Bachelors and Masters Degree from well known and highly respected universities, and I take great offense to your snobbery, and your blatant disdaining attitude towards my person. Using the term, "Animal Husbandry" to a lay person was over the top professionally. I knew what she meant, but an average marine in this town is not going to know what this means. This was a arrogant attempt to "put me in my place". It's sad really, that she has to do that to make herself feel big and important. She must not feel very secure in herself. I really only feel pity for her now. But I wanted to inform the rest of you consumers, if you're ever in Jacksonville, NC and happen to use Banfield Pet Hospital, Don't allow Dr. Stephanie Smith go anywhere near your dog.


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      Feb 22, 2010

    Im sorry for your bad experience. I can only hope that you have a doctor for you kid now that you get along with better. From what you described it sounds like you had a pretty bad interaction and she definetly was not the right personality of physician for you. As a nurse I can understand not getting along with a doctor. Not that their medicine is bad just that you dont get along. Just because I see it all the time I am going to comment, obese is a wide spectrum. Anything over what is ideal can be considered obese. Honestly, almost all American pets are obese. They eat too much and spend a good amount of time on their owners laps. That doesn't make you a bad mother, it just is something you have to watch for. Clearly it was not brought across in a manner that will help anyone. Obesity in pets can be very expensive to treat and its just easier and less costly to manage weight than try to fix something like arthritis after the fact. Please dont be so affronted by your experience that you give up on all vets. Vaccine reactions do happen, especially in dachshunds and smaller breeds. We have no way of knowing what combination or what vaccines will set one off. They are just like people and their genetic makeup will occassionally cause them issues. As for them telling you it absolutely was not a reaction, it does sounds like hives and like I said we have no way of knowing. It would be unlikely to be a vaccine reaction if he had the same ones previously but things do happen. Your pet may have a different immune response to the first vaccine than it does to the second. Or maybe he was bitten by a bug or spider. I doubt its any reason to get upity with you and I am sorry for that. I hope that you found another vet that meets your needs better.

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      Apr 04, 2013

    i take my pets to her all the time and i prefer her to be my vet instead of other staff members. she is truly caring and nursing. i love her because she really loves her job and animals. i am sorry that you felt that way, but as far as small dog's obese is very very bad for their health. and it is owner's fault that makes pets overweight. i have three dogs and she pointed out two of mine need to lose weight so i'm working on it because i want them to be around for long time or as long as they can. i love them and i love my vet Dr. Stephanie Smith.

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      Jun 20, 2015

    I totally agree I recently just had the same problem with dr. Smith she is a horrible people person and in order to be a good vet you have to be good at your job and be a professional with the customers which dr. Smith is not when she decided to talk down to my wife and her father. Then decided to tell my wife " I'm not going to deal with your husbands drama" that is not how you talk to a customer and I definitely recommend nobody goes to dr. Smith and banfield in Jacksonville nc!

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      Jul 13, 2015

    Dr. Stephanie Smith is the best Vet at the Jacksonville Banfield! I love Dr. Smith. She remembers both of my dogs and greets them by name when she sees us in the lobby. She is very kind and personable. I have never had a vet that is so wonderful. I am sorry you had this experience, but it is 100% different than any interaction I have ever had with Dr. Smith. I trust her with my babies without hesitation.

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      Nov 13, 2015

    I have been taking both of my chihuahua's (Gisella and Fajardo) to Banfield for the past two years and have seen all the vets there. Dr. Smith is my absolute favorite and now the only one I see. She loves these little fur babies of mine, is professional (never displayed any rude temporment) very knowledgable and extremely courteous. Sorry you have had a bad experience. As far as surgery goes, she is the best. I know when they are under her care, they are well taken care of. I highly recommend Dr. Smith to anyone who wants the best in care...W. Ruiz

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