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Banfield Pet Hospital / Head office / head office decision makers

1 88 Dunning Rd., Suite 25Middletown, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 845-343-6550

On Weds 11/17 I brought my sick cat in to be xrayed for a mouth infection (possible tumor?) The staff and the vet Dr. Quick were very compassionate and treated me and my Rusty very well. It turns out to be a tumor and I asked if I could get pain meds for him to take him home. When I went to pick him up there was no pain meds on the invoice but I was told the prednizone that I have been giving him would help him. Long story short, After one evening at home Rusty was in very bad pain so I called them and asked if I could come in and get meds? I was told yes. Now since the prior evening bill was $305. I was helped into applying and receiving a CreditCare acct so that I could pay this bill over a 6month period. When I went back to pick up the meds fully thinking the charge would go on my recent invoice for the Credtcare Acct since that is where the entire bill was due to me not having $305, to pay in the first place. The lady at the front desk was very compassionette and understanding about Rusty being in pain, But here's the kicker... They could not put this medication on my prior evening bill because you have to spend another $300. WTH> Makes absolutely no sense. They knew my cat was terminal, yet the management / Not the vet nor his staff... would not ok for them to put this $58. pain med amount on my standing invoice. The lady even told the management person that they forgot to add it on the prior evening invoice. Still no... the vet did give me a written script to see if I could find another local Animal Hosp that would bill the Credit care acct. Which I havbe not been able to find. So it is now Sun 11/21 Early this morning Rusty started running around the house in extremely intense pain. I can not get near him now so he will most likely die under my bed. I do not care who you are but if you label yourself a Pet Hospital then you should care about the pet!!! Everyone there knew he was terminal yet the head office could of cared less. Even humans that are terminally ill get pain meds to ease their suffering. I guess my Rusty just doesn't matter much to Banfield. For $58.00 Thanks for the heartache!!!

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  • Ba
      22nd of Nov, 2010
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    Ms. Cannizzo,
    We came across this posting and want to invite you to call our client advocacy team at 577-500-2288. Our team would be happy to discuss what may have happened with you.
    Thank you,
    Banfield The Pet Hospital

  • Ms
      27th of Nov, 2010
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    Banfield The Pet Hosp:
    The above number you gave me to contact the Client advocacy team is constantly busy...which leads me to believe it is not a good working number. Rusty is still with me, he has tolerated his pain and hides most the day but comes tome at night time. It is only a matter of time before I will have to put him down, but for now I am dealing with this day by day. Instead of me contacting you maybe you should discuss this type of situation with your decision makers and make them realize that no matter what the animal's comfort should come first. The staff here where so nice and comforting, too bad their head offices do not back them up. Respectfully: Ms. Cannizzo

  • Ba
      29th of Nov, 2010
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    Ms Cannizzo,
    We sincerely apologize for our error, but the number to call should read 877-500-2288.
    We are still hoping the best for you and Rusty,
    Banfield The Pet Hospital

  • Ms
      3rd of Dec, 2010
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    Banfield Pet Hosp: Ok I called the client advocacy number and spoke with a very nice man who listened to my complaint and said that I could expect a call from the District or Regional manager that handles Banfield Pet Hospital location in Middletown, New York. Today (Dec 3rd) I recieved that call but not from any district or regional manager but instead they had their office manager call me...Which really makes no sense because she was the manager that tried to get the pain meds authorized to begin with and her HEAD OFFICE DECISION MAKERS said no!! Again passing the buck is not a good way to do business. If your decision makers would have listened to their ofc mgr/Asa back on Nov 17th. then I would not feel obligated to complain at all. Instead I feel like this is game. I am not interested in playing any longer. Bottom line ...for $58.oo your so called upper management decided that my Rusty was not important enough to approved pain meds...instead they wanted me to spend another $300. What a joke. In the meantime my Rusty is still here dealing with his pain daily. Unfortunately Banfield had not backed their own manager's request but they have her call me.. What sense does this make?? NONE. As a client I would suggest that Banfield allow their office managers the freedom to do what they think is best. You have a great team of people at this location yet they are not able to fully do what is best for the animal. So at least I know now what to expect if I ever go back to them. How sad that my animal has to suffer due to your greed. This is how I feel after what has transpired. Again I would like to thank Banfield's so called upper management for adding to the pain and agony of having a terminal pet. AND... I will say thank you to the staff and vet/Dr Quick for their compassion and care. I know you would have helped me if you could have. Respectfully: Ms Cannizzo

  • Ms
      11th of Dec, 2010
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