Banfield Pet Hospital / dog throwing up after procedure

155 East Route 59, Nanuet, NY, United States

In 2012 I brought my dog to Banfield to have her teeth cleaned. Before they did the procedure they had me sign a waver. I asked what the waver was they told me in case anything unexpected happened they have my permission to administer any service in case the dog was in danger. When they put my dog to sleep they noticed that she had a problem with her teeth and they pulled 3 of her teeth. Banfield did not take the time to call me to let me know they were goanna operate on my dog and remove her teeth. I was unaware of what was going on. It looks like they gave my dog to much anesthesia. When I went to pick up my dog she was shaking very bad and was very scared because it was allot of pain. She was throwing up. I asked the nurse if that was normal she said yes. When I brought my dog home she was throwing up and would not eat. I spent money for some special food and she would not hold the food down. As a result of my dog throwing up for 2 days I had to bring her to the emergency pet hospital because Banfield told me they couldn't help me. My mother spent 1500.00 dollars for 5 days. When I called and reported a claim Banfield asked me how can they resolve this matter I told them to send me 1500.00 dollars for the hospital bills my mother spent. Till this day 2 years later nothing was done and all they had was excuses and no reason why my dog was in worse condition then when she went in to get her teeth cleaned. Do not bring your dog to Banfield they have a high turn out rate for doctors and every so often new doctors come in and out. I would not recommend them to anyone. If you want, do your research and bring your pet to a private vet or a recommended place. They are the worse place, allot of people I know only have complaints and also some employees of Petsmart also had given me complaints of services they got with there own animals.

May 5, 2014

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