Bandera Ranch Myan Management Group / Negligence, Possible Mold, Refusal to Respond or Acknowledge Supporting Documents, Deceit

1881 Airport Freeway, Euless, TX, US
Contact information:
Phone: 817-274-5353

Possible mold. Management refusal to investigate. Negligence in investigating investigation. Failure to respond. Failure to investigate my complaint. Unethical behavior. Hiring unqualified staff to handle or treat possible mold infestation. Ignoring all correspondence and only responding in a defensive mode after my filing complaints with the BBB, FTC, Attorney General and online sites. Refusal to review all supporting documents and evidence to my complaint. Bandera Ranch had possible mold infestation despite all of my complaints, the long term water damage, poor air quality, my hospital visits and the prognosis from my emergency physician. I have countless emails, returned certified letter, and numerous letters requesting mold inspection due to my compromised health since moving in. Upon move in I noticed water damage in the ceiling and it had a mildew smell. I brought it to managements attention and listed it on my move-in sheet. 45 days later, I had to go to the hospital an outbreak of hives and having a anaphylactic attack. I was prescribed an epi-pen and one of the causes listed for my symptoms was mold exposure. After the problem resurfaced in December, management led me to believe they were going to work with me and not charge me and then once they realized I moved out, they ignored all future correspondence written and via phone. I have all of the emails, utility bills, pictures, hospital visits to support such. I have also provided them; to management but they just ignored them too. Prior to episode, I have never in my life suffered, been treated or had any symptoms of which I was diagnose and treated. I just want to be heard and made whole. Yet, instead of working to resolve my issue, they only seem to want to support their management team poor decision making and negligence. I would like to provide your agency with all of my supporting documents. Please advise me as to how to send.

A Disappointed Consumer

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