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Back to the Caribbean / SCAM

United States, Florida Review updated:
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Contact information:
Phone: 877-267-8897
Do not buy anything from this company they are a complete scam and they do not delivery on their vacation pacakges. I know from first hand experiance. They sell you a package in hopes that you never want to use or forget about it. Once you go to book Customer Service never returns you call or emails. When you do get a hold of them nothing that you purchased is available and they make you attend a timeshare tour even though they say you don't have to.
Very poorly ran business that will steal your hard earned money be awear


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N  17th of May, 2009 by 
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Thanks for the posting...we fell for this last year and were planning on using it this summer - but noticed the website no longer works. Man! talk about a rip-off!!
A  18th of May, 2009 by 
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We just called Back to the Caribbean at 1-800-578-0438 to set up a trip and got the recording "you do not have any credit; goodbye". We sent money last year to extend it as we were unable to use it and now we're sensing we've been completely had as we spent a few hundred dollars to get two three night and day U.S. trips (of which we used one) and a week long Caribbean vacation that apparantly will never happen. What is our recourse?!?!?
N  18th of May, 2009 by 
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You can contact attorney general of florida and you can contact you bank or credit card and dispute the charge. They will protect you against this as they are not fulfilling on their contracts that you agreed to.
N  21st of Jul, 2009 by 
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We do deliver on our vacations if you have any issues or concerns you may contact me at holly@backtofun.com
N  21st of Jul, 2009 by 
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Funny that this company is defending themselves on a complaint site. Why is Holly using an email for backtofun? looks like the company had some issues and wanted to run away from the original name.
N  1st of Oct, 2009 by 
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I had a problem with "BACK TO THE CARRIBEAN". I worked with Holly at Back to the Carribean. We resolved our differences and issues. I appreciate that Holly stayed in contact with me and worked on the problem and got it taken care of. I will give her credit for that. Thank you Holly. Jan and Joe P
N  9th of Dec, 2009 by 
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My name is Ross Fischer. My wife and I are the owners of the company. This is a complaint that is not true and in addition, not even fair. We do return our call and emails. Our phone number is right at the bottom of the complaint. When you call either a person answers, or we call back within 24 hours.

To just say " this is a scam" is ridiculous. We have sold over 23, 000 packages in 6 years. We have less than 50 complaints with the state, WHICH IS LESS THAN HALF OF ONE PERCENT!! With the BBB, we have 110 complaints out of which 98 were refunded their money, and only 2 were not refunded.

We are not perfect and have made honest mistakes. Sometimes hotels change there contract with us and decide not to fulfill without ant notice. When that happens we give replacement accommodations as well as extras like free nights or extensions. Like the last comment when there is an issue we try to make it right.

A complaint that is this defamatory without putting a name and any specifics should not even be allowed.

Responding to other comments:

Tom H. --our website has always worked. www.backtofun.com

Our company is Back to the Caribbean and our website is www.backtofun.com because many people mispell Caribbean. Hence the Back to Fun email.

Goose--800-578-0438 was the number for a satellite office that sold our package, not our company. We sent emails with the 877# to everyone having that number, possibly we did not have a good email for you

Lastly, unfortunately with travel, no one ever takes the time to write a positive respsonse, but it is so easy to disparage someone on the internet. We have sold 23, 000 packages and have less than 50 complaints with the state, all responded to satisfactorily.

Ross Fischer
A  10th of Dec, 2009 by 
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I posted a complaint about Back to the Caribbean a year or two ago on this board and elsewhere. Holli from Back to the Caribbean contacted me earlier this year, confirmed that our complaints were valid and attempted to provide a resolution.

We haven't booked anything yet so I can't say for 100% sure, but Holli responded professionally and once she confirmed that our complaints were valid, offered reasonable and appropriate options for us. I don't agree, therefore, with comments on this board that Back to the Caribbean is a scam.

I will post again once we have booked a trip and able to confirm (hopefully) that Back to the Caribbean delivered on their commitments.
A  4th of Jan, 2010 by 
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I tried to book our vacation in October 09 (purchased in March 09) only to be told we could not go to Puerto Rico. When we purchased we speciffically to the sales guy we did not want to go to Mexico. We told him we only wanted to go to PR. Funny thing is he NEVER told us there was a possibility that the destinations could change. Just got on the website this morning to book Aruba...guess what...the resort is CLOSED!!! That leaves Mexico and the Dominican Republic... we have been to both and want something different.
So much for my 25th anniversary trip...
A  20th of Apr, 2010 by 
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I've tried very many times to call the Back to the Caribbean telephone number and Back to Fun numbers and both just keep ringing. When you leave a message, no one ever calls back. I've dealt with the BBB and the Division of Consumer Affairs and the latter has stated that the company is selling these packages unlawfully as they should not have expiration dates. They also should not require extensions as they are vacation certificates and can be used at any time. How can you possibly use it if no one responds though???

I've spoken to Ross Fischer's wife and she has been incredibly rude on the telephone and her customer representatives are not helpful in the least bit. I am still waiting for a refund which seems to never come.

I think my next step is to get a lawyer and make a case.
N  8th of Oct, 2010 by 
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If this company is legit, why can they give me time to think about it and do some research before I make the purchase instead kept ask me for my credit card number. Good thing I didn't.
N  12th of Nov, 2010 by 
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I would like to know why you get an extra day if you use Discover card?
What is the difference of Discover, Visa, or Mastercard? Maybe Ross and crew get to keep their money more often with Discover?
N  19th of Mar, 2011 by 
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This is Ross Fischer with Back to the Caribbean. I am sorry I have not responded to these complaints sooner but I thought that I was supposed to recieve emails from complaints board everytime there was new post, but I was not.

First, in response to Jhuff: that is 262 complaints to the State in all 8 years in existence, 100% of which have been "Closed Saitfactoily by the State. See that is my problem with these sites, they put up only have the story.
By the way more than half of those complaints were because Grand Caymanian Resort was destroyed by Hurrican Ivan in 2004. 2, 000 people had been promised Cayman in the 12 moths prior; I offered different destinations, including Captain Morgan's resort in Belize(where a reality show was filmed), and several other great properties. I gave away an extra night and fresh 18 month time periods for everyone. 95% were very happy to not lose out on their package. 5% wanted a refund that they WERE NOT entitled to. So, they went to the State to attempt to get a refund, and were told that indeed, they weren't entitled to one. Those are an example of a resolved compaint. Again, 100% resolved, 262 in complaints in 8 years where 28, 000 people have packages. The math is less than 1%. Now, IF you purchased a package from us you can email me at ross@backtofun.com and I will do my best to help.

In answer to Sorry I Signed, we do a promotion with Discover for a free night. I get paid the same with them as with others, it is a deal with Discover, as they like our business. Did you pay with Discover? Did we not give you the free night? Again, if you have a problem with your package, email me at ross@backtofun.com... Otherwise, "Conspiracy Theorists of the World...UNITE!!
N  19th of Mar, 2011 by 
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In response to amy5. First, I want to say I appreciate the way your post was worded, as you aren't saying we are not legit, you are just asking the question. The funniest posts to me are the ones that say "run, they are a scam", and never purchased a package...so, how would they know?
There are many promotions that are "today only" If there is a 50% off sale, you can't go to and get the 50% off the next Day. That Does Not that mean they are a scam. We provide our license numbers, our company website, and many other details that can be verified immediately while on the phone. We give you a package good for up to 3 years depending on where/when you go. You are protected by your credit card company against fraud. However, in the end, if you don't feel comfortable doing business that way, that is your prerogative, and we say "thankyou for filling out the form" and go on our merry way.

But just because we sell a limited promotion, it does not make us a scam.
N  19th of Mar, 2011 by 
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In response to Diane NYC, you are absolutely correct. Through no fault of our own, the developer in Puerto Rico, stopped giving us the rooms and broke our contract. In 8 years, this has happened once, with Puerto Rico. In Aruba in 2009, the resort the Aruban had the resort's employees go on strike indefinitely, and the government took over the property and canceled almoat all of their contracts unilaterally, without any notice..even an email. That is why we have to have in our terms, "Destinations are subject to change based on availability", because this is rare, but it does happen.
Having said that, I have great news, that we have Grand Cayman(6 days/5 nights) back, St. Maarten, Aruba, and even Bonaire. I am going to create a new post, with all the info on there. I am also going to try to send you a message through this site to try and help you work it out. If your package is expired, we will renew it for free.
N  30th of Apr, 2011 by 
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Good afternoon. I work for a vacation room in Ft. Lauderdale (not Back to the Caribbean). The only reason that you receive such a tremendous savings on the vacation packages is because they want you to attend a timeshare presentation in hopes that you purchase one. Don't believe it when they tell you that "it's a promotion." I guarantee that you could call back the next day and get the same exact price! The employees make commission, so that's why they ask you to make a decision right there on the spot! Hope this helps some of you.
N  1st of May, 2011 by 
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Since my bad experiences initially with this company, the owner has been extremely diligent in helping me use my certificate. He has contacted me several times and has been understanding of what happened. He even offered to make up for the miscommunications etc. by extending my package for free. I still have yet to use the package but am pleased with the cooperation and communication so far. I am looking forward to booking a vacation as soon as I am able to travel again.

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