Avangate Inc.Iolo System Mechanic - Refund Request

09/15/15 - I contacted Avangate about a charge on my account for $29.95 and was told that they automatically renewed my service. I requested a refund and was told that it would take 2 - 6 business days
09/23/15 - I contacted Avangate again asking why I still had not received my refund. The rep said the transaction had been completed on 09/17/15 and I should check my account the next day. If the money wasn't there that I should call my bank (what do I ask them to do exactly?).
09/25/15 - Still no refund. Called Avangate again and rep said she would refer me to Finance department so they could follow up, that I would hear back on Monday, 09/28/15. What the hell??? Now a whole 2 weeks? I asked to speak to someone finance and was told they only communicate via email. Asked to speak to a supervisor was told there is none. Asked to speak to reps supervisor and was told there is none because it's after hours (1am her time) as they are located in ROMANIA!!! I hung up.
I can't believe this crap. I will never use any of Avangate's products again and I am uninstalling the last version of SM on my laptop. I will never recommend them to anyone else (I've recommended to 2 people already).
No more business from me.

Sep 25, 2015

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