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Dear Sir,
Good morning, My self Gouri shankar from India, seeking a help from the high commission of the Embassy of Maurtius country.As i take a liberty to send u this mail for a complaint on SALIM AUTO which is in Mauritius.The reason for the complaint is,
A is i have applied for the job in his company presently i am unemployeed so i had forwarded my c.v to company as above said. The concern person so called Mr.Abdulla who is M.D he told me that if u can sell vehicles of imported cars from here to India i will pay u Rs.20000, for each car.Isaid ok sir i also come from the back ground of automotive industry so it old him ok he promised to give me petrol expenditure and laos the mobile bill payments but with no salary.Then he has given me the task saying that what will be the cost of customs and exciseduties and related R.T.A(Road transport authority) for registering the vehicles for the new imported cars.Itold him this is not much easier to get the required informations from the concern its totally related with money, no body gives the data he told ok what ever the charges u will spend for the gather the infoemation detials i will reemburse u dont worry about that money.As per the requiremnets seeking all things which gone through Salim auto and also taking so much of confidence and trust and relaiblelly i have mailed him all the requirements where he felt so happy after that he had sent me a mail Mr.Gouri shankar plz send me the details of yours bank a/c details and also u r address for sending the money as per said he told me and he had send me an sms saying by next month of febraury 1st week i will transfer that were his word.Now the matter starts he asked me how much was the expenditure i told toatally its Rs.15k from all the i gather money from my friends and some from my pocket.Now afetr saying the toatal expenditure he says my person is in Mumbai who did all the things for Rs.5k u r saying 15k try to control cah flow then i told sir as per the requiremtns as u said i did just trusting u r word and ur mails and by seeing the compnay i said.After that he neither replied or he has attended my calls or mails.So now what is hould do i have trusted him fulfilled his requirements.Now i think so he has lifted his hands for not paying the money.So irequire u r help sir try to help em in getting back my money from him.When his person already has got the data of the concern whats the purpose of telling me sir.i dont undertsand this type of person are also there on this earth just wasting time and money of others who are in totally probelms.sitting there what he is thinkin i am unable to understand.At least for the courtesy call or mail reply should be given as an owner as above said comapney no replys sincemore than 10-15 days, the prime minsiter of any country will reply to the person who has mailed is he much busy than him sir.Asi am requeting u to do some thing good from u r side just asking and claiming my reemburseing of my money as i have invested for him just on trust and also i am forwarding u some mails which he has send me for getting his work done.Awaiting of rthe reply.Have a good day.

Gouri shankar

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  • Ra
      5th of May, 2008
    Automotive - Fleecing Customers
    Rachana Associates

    Rachana Associates has site at Gold Coast - Baner. The flat possessions whcih were promised by Jun07 were delayed by more than 6- 12 months. The construction is still going. While trying to get customer the touts fall to feet but while meeting the customer - the touts has no time to see you.

    Total missmanagment in the operation. Architect seems to tring various shapes in the building causing total poor lighting in common are, too many offset in the house with many columns and beams inside house.

    One of the worst treatment that you would get and also get fleeced too. Donot dare to book the flat with them, to avoid loss of mental peace. Advertsiments speaks great, treatments ae worst.

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  • Ed
      2nd of Nov, 2011
    Automotive - Damage to vehicle
    Theo's Automotive Inc
    304 Dividend Dr Bldg 2
    Peachtree City
    United States
    Phone: 770-486-7650

    On October 27, 2011 my car was delivered, without damage, for automotive service. When car was ready for pick up on November 1, 2011 there was damage to my windshield. Upon notifyng the technicians they informed me that there was nothing they could do at the time because they would have to talk to the manager and someone would call me the next day. I was not contacted therefore I contacted the owner and inquired if he was aware of my situation. He responded yes and then proceded to tell me in a very rude and harsh manner that he was not responsible for my car, I could not prove that the car was damaged by them, he was not going to repair the damage; he did not have insurance to fix my car and that he was only responsible for cars that were in his garage that were in the process of being repaired and that I was being unreasonalbe for asking him to fix the damage to my car.

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