Auto One WarrantyFraud and cheating

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I'm entitled to a FULL REFUND from auto one warranty specialist and their Representative has acknowledged this. Ryan will not return my phone calls. His mailbox is always full and when you try to speak with someone else they say Ryan's the only one who can help you and when you explain he will not return phone calls they say there is nothing they can do.

I have been waiting for 6+ months and I'm told that my refund with the exact amount due will be 1/2 by check and 1/2 by mail. When I canceled my account, I clearly stated by FAX that they may not deduct funds from my account and they did it anyway. I have all my documentation.

I wonder how many complaints it takes to initiate a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT???

I want them to honor their word and it would be only professional for RYAN to at very least return people's phone calls that he knows that are entitled to their refunds..

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  • Jr
      Jan 06, 2009

    It takes 5 complaints for a Class Action and I would like to see this happen. Everything you said is the same that has happen to me, and I have been dealing with Ryan as well. This company is real friendly when their taking your money but it all changes when you have a complaint. I canceled my policy on July 19th, I recieved a letter confirming this and was told it would take 3 months for a refund. This company has no intentions of refunding anyones money they are a complete rip off. Something needs to be done to stop them.

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  • An
      Jan 22, 2009

    I cancelled my policy with them 8 going on 9 months ago. I too spoke with Ryan who said that my refund would be broken up, part on my card and part in the form of a check. This took place August of 2008. He also gave me a date as to when I could expect my check. But of course it wasn't there. Whenever I call I am transfered to a ringing phone that no one answers. That is whenever the regular customer service representative answers the phone. I have left several messages and none of them have been returned. I wish that I had done research on this company before I trusted them because this is rediculous. What they are doing is theft. I don't understand how they can account for taking someone's money and not providing them a service.

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  • Fr
      Feb 28, 2009

    If anyone wants to move forward with a class action suit, I am more than willing to join. I have had the same experience. I even filed a complaint with the LABBB, which has gotten me no place so far. Have been trying to get my refund since October last year. Every time I call, I am told it is processed...but I never receive it.
    Let me know if anyone wants to file a class action on this, or if there is one started that I can join. Mt email address is [protected]


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  • Jo
      Apr 25, 2009

    The same happened to me, except I contacted their provider and they refunded my deposit the next day, they could not credit my AMX card because they did not receive the funds from Auto One Warranty- located at 310 Commerce Suite 150 Irvine Ca 92602-PH> [protected]- Saleperson Joe Lopex-Why are they still in business-They were on CNBC last nite. Joseph Patrinostro-Tampa, Florida

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  • Be
      Apr 29, 2009

    I am willing to file a class action suit against this company. I am beyond angry at this point...I cancelled my contracts and they stilled charged me and now giving me the run around about my refund. I spoke with Michael on 4/16/09 requesting to cancel my contract and was told that I would not be charged. It was impossible to get this issue resolved on the phone I was transferred to rep after rep and voicemail after voicemail and has not gotten anywhere!! If we get at least 5 complaints to move forward with this class action law suit I can be reached at betrice.[protected]

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  • Ry
      Oct 23, 2009

    i work here this is a scam there is no refund or anything once they take your money it over...i quit and try to report it because i felt bad i work for only 2 weeks and quit once i found out it was a SCAM...beware and spread the words they are located in irvine ca 310 commerce and dialing off a florida number so you can track them down this is a SCAMMMMMMMM

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  • Bl
      Feb 02, 2010

    Yes I Would Love To Get Into This Class Action Suit I Canclled My Contract 2 Months Ago Got Alot Of BS Like You All Called The State IG Who Ever He Or Who They Are Sends Me Couple Nice Letters Emails CANT GET INVOLED WITH THIS . Thats Whats Hes There For If People Like Us Are Getting RIPPED OFF!!! HURT Etc Thats What The Inspector General Office Of That State Is To Investigate!!! But AnyWays We've Been Calling Getting Machines Or Excuses Or Hang Ups Tell What You All WANT TO DO A CLASS ACTION SUIT PLEASE LET ME KNOW BE GLAD TO COME IN ON THIS!!!


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  • Ru
      Mar 30, 2010

    I have reached another person who is willing to get in on a class action suit against this company. please contact me at [protected] so we can get started on this. It is going to be hard but it is not fair what they have done. Me and my husband have been scammed out of 1, 825 and been promised our refund since December of me if you want to do this. thank you.

    Ruby munoz

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  • Sh
      Apr 22, 2010

    I am in the military and the same thing happened to me. I have been making payments on this for a year now before I found out it was a scam. I have canceled the service and put a block on the payment at my bank. I have been trying to get my refund for about a month now and have been getting bounced back and forth between Paylink and American Autoshield and each of them have been saying that the other one handles the refunds. American Autoshield has taken over the the Auto One's accounts since they have gone out of business. Nobody has money to waste nowadays. I would also like to see a class action suit filed. I just want my money back and could really use it about now. If a suit gets started please let me know and I will join.


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  • Aa
      Aug 25, 2010

    My name is Paul Stratch - CFO for American Auto Shield. We came across this post and I wanted to clarify some things. (1) We are NOT Auto One. Whatever Auto One did, or did not do, has NO reflection on us. They sold a very limited number of our contracts and they are a completely separate company. (2) Any customer with one of our contracts is being refunded by us. If you are being "bounced around" by anyone, you can contact me directly at p.[protected] (3) It's very premature to start talking about any lawsuit publicly on the internet before you have all the facts or before you even try to speak to someone higher up in the organization. I have NEVER told anyone they would not get a refund if it was our contract, so anyone who complains of anything like this just plain and simply has not tried all that hard, because all it takes is asking anyone here who the highest person is to complain to in our organization and you would have my email information. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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