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Complaint Rating:  90 % with 10 votes
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Contact information:
Level 27 Collins Str
Melbourne, Victoria
Phone: 0061390084203
This company called me, had all my details, scammed me into giving my bank details to them "for record purposes" and within 2 minutes, all the way from Australia, cleaned out my bank account.
Apoplexy and hysteria is a mild descriptive.
My bank said sorry. The police say I must go to a department that doesent answer emails and phone calls. The banks fraud department doesent answer emails or phone calls. The Australian Government doesent seem to care that they are harboring criminals.
The company Ausfis refuses to take phone calls, you have to leave a voice message. Not ONCE have I been called back. I have sent over 30 emails, not once have I been contacted back.
This company is a fraudulent scamming company.
Its been 35 days since they "claimed" to have paid me back. The comapny Ausfis refuses to give me a swift code, or tell me who they are banking with sothat I may enquire about the status of this "alleged" transaction.
I have made it my personal mission to tell every website that advertises their services that they are criminals. I am going to blog as often as possible to spread awareness.
And I will keep spreading the 'gospel' until Ausfis pays my money back to me.
In South Africa, we have a saying, Jy maak nie n sambreel in 'n man se hol oop nie. In my family, we have a saying, blood may be thicker than water, but if you attempt to make one of us bleed, we will use your blood to mop up the mess.
Ausfis, your days are numbered!
If you pay me, I will gladly remove every negative post. I will gladly post complimentry blogs.
But thats a big if...


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A  15th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
This organization is just Bull ###. I registered myself on their website for immigration services and next I got a call from Adam White of AusFis working in so called late night shift 2:30 am in the morning. Initially he seemed reasonable but then started falttering about my qualification, experience and that i fulfll everything need to get the family imigration...he talked to me about 20 mins. Then he handed over the phone to her manager Nicolas Johnson who was also very flattery and there she stuck on credit card things. She just wanted to have my credit card information to process the application and open the account for 687 Euros. Her fraud mentality clicked me and i gave her wrong credit card information and she also gave me an option to pay by paypal and wire transfer which i later discovered was a total trap. I am working in Middle East and warn everyone here and else elsewhere of this trap where you will end up loosing money. They will try to impress you about their knowledge about middle east governments immigration policies that you can't be national there, Australia is great, good education, security, bla bla . Be Safe . Sam
A  12th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
I received calls from AUSFIS eventhough i had unsubscribed my e-mail address from their website immediately after registration upon discovering that i have to make a lump sum payment for their services. I only picked up their call once which is an hour ago. This woman on the other side of the phone kept going on and go that i am more than eligible to apply for a PR because of my age, professional qualification, working experience, English level etc. Then she proceeded with the advantanges of moving to Australia such as the country's social security services etc and thereafter promoted the company's lawyers services which of course, comes with a fee, etc. She went on and on and i barely had the time to even breathe! Next, she said our telephone conversation is highly secure and no one else can listen to our talk etc and then asked for my credit card details! When i told her that i needed to do further research on her company and i am in the midst of my work (the call was during office hours), she said let's talk woman to woman, she had been talking to me for the past 30 minutes and i now give her reasons just to end the call? etc. I didn't wait for her to finish and i ended the call by telling her that "I think i don't have to take this!" I will definitely write a complain to Australia immigration and the police force about this company.
A  1st of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Ausfis is a big scam and the only way to resolve this matter is to dispute the fraud to your bank and notify them literally as soon as you notice ausfis deductions. The next step is to change your account or creditdebit card, you can't beat them at their scam and the only way is to fight through your bank. They will continue to deduct money from your account when you least expect it and claim to give you refunds which is marginal to what you paid, for instance if you paid them R5000 they will give you a refunf of R1000 which is not justifiable at all. Make sure that you have given them proof that you have cancelled and terminated their service, take the cancellation form to your bank as that is legal proof that you don't want their services and the bank will reverse the transction. After that block them from you email and never answer unkown numbers and never ever ever ever give your bank details over the phone!
N  1st of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Sorry to hear you lost money. Please note this company is NOT registered with the Australian Government as an authorised migration agent.

Nor do they have a registered business name or a Companies number in Australia. There is no 'Inc.' trading format in Australia. This is an American companies format and is not permitted to be used by Australian businesses.

The telephone number on their website does not match their address. Phone numbers for companies in Melbourne start with : +61 3 not +61 2, and it likely calls to this number are being diverted somehow. Usually +61-2-8014 numbers are nuisance calls by fake marketing companies. I expect that this company is not even trading out of Australia, and I'd be extremely suprised if they actually had an office where they say they do (it's a large building with lots of tennants, and a Serviced Office business also on that floor).

The domain (website) was registered by what appears to be a fake address/domain administrator so you mightn't get any luck here:
Registrant Name:Domain Admin
Registrant Street1:123 Town square Place 861
Registrant City:Jersey City
Registrant State/Province:New Jersey
Registrant Postal Code:07310
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.2016046527
Registrant Email:admin@domainetor.com

Also, there is no secured data entry section of the form.

I would avoid this website and business too.
A  1st of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have just received a called from private number, a well talking girl started asking questions om.my qualifications and my eligibility. She always ws praising and stuff. I have been scam in a different kind of way last year and now I am very attentive. However, I just realised that although my visa card here in Portugal have a different system of generating the numbers for protection, basically my Visa Duo Debit requires generation of new numbers with a plafond that set up for instance for voip or online secure sites htts. However she asked me for the first numbers and she was able to locate my bank name...I knew for fact it wont work. She even told some cards from Europe do not work. I asked for paypal and she accepted that is possible to pay through it. I though paypal was secure but when it comes to this they can always say that I have received the material...I of course refused I said that need speak to my wife regarding this. The only thing she wanted was money and after 20 min when I told her that I would not proceed, her voice change. She just wanted money Rip off. If you card is valid and you have mistake to give numbers...you are in big trouble.NEVER BUT NEVER GIVE NUMBERS...I LOVE MY BANK BECAUSE THEY HAVE A SECURE SYSTEM AND I LOVE DEBIT BECAUSE I KNOW MY BALANCE WAS NOTHING BUT STILL ILL NEVER GIVE AGAIN MY DETAILS TO SOME UNKNOWN NUMBER! Why the hiding, legit do not hide, there is no need! I have been scam once and it was worst time of my life but learned. I AM RECEIVING A CALL FROM HER SATURDAY AND I WILL ANSWER POLITELY AND SWEAR ALL I CAN...SHE EVEN SAID YOU HAVE TO BE HONEST TO ME WHEN SHE CALLS IF I WANT OU NOT!! ILL GIVE YOU THAT!! I JUST REALIZA THAT THEY ALSO KNOW ABOUT THIS COMPLAINBOARD SO BASICALLY HEAR THIS OUT!! YOU WILL DIE IN POVERTY YOU ###INK AUFIS.ORG ###. ALL YOU ### HOPE YOU ###IN RAPE AND STAB ON YOUR CHESS...YOU USED NAME MARRY BROWN...YOU ARE NUISANCE TO SOCIETY BUT GOD IS DIVINE AND REMEMBER AND MARK MY WORDS.YOU WILL HAVE MISERY IN YOUR LIFE AND DO NOT TRY TO REPENT BECAUSE FOR THAT YOU NEED TO SUFFER! HOPE YOU LIVE A LONG LASTING LIFE!!!
A  1st of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Its getting heated in here and rightflly so, we are a SOCIETY of people that are sick of being ripped iff by scam companies like Ausfis.org and the more we expose these vultures the more the public will know about this fake company and as soon as they here about a call they will just put down the phone as they will immiediately know that Ausfis.org is a scam. What a nuisance! AUSFIS.org is a SCaM!!! And so is their sister companies!!! Bewarned and don't become a victim! Know your rights!!!Don't forget to spread the word about this Ausfis scam!!! Let's prevent future generations from being ripped off like this!!! Never under estimate Ausfis! They are a very sneaky and smart scam, they use laws from other countries to justify your purchase and refunds but don't forget also that your Bank is a much higher power than this scam! Never ever give your account details over the phone, use a reliable source and use agents that your friends have used with success! Peace and stay safe! Don't give away account details!!! EVER!!!
N  26th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am currently in the process with working with Ausfis.org to try and get into Australia.I have already passed the 1st step which cost me R5403-00.According to them I am more than Eligible, I scored 85points with the pre-assessment and the lady that I have been speaking to several times now reckons I have a 400% chance of getting into Australia. I thought it was a bit odd as I have no diploma, degree or even trade, just ten years of experience and 7 years of them having my own business.I never thought about it being scam at all until last night when I spoke to some family members and they advised that I try and check if they are legit before I proceed any further.All I've been able to get about them has been negative although no one has actually tried to go through the whole process so in the back of my mind I'm trying to convince myself that it might not be a scam.Everything looks and sounds so real but I am not sure what to do.

Is there anyone out there that has actually tried to go through with the whole process and then later realised that they are a bunch of thiefs? I would like to here from you as soon as possible.
N  26th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hi dlrhl.i also made the mistake of paying them before researching the company. I must say after reading such negative reviews I figured they were a scam company. However after reversing the payments my bank has done its own research and figures its doing everything legitimately. So the R5400.00 I have paid cannot be reclaimed unless they dont provide us with a full assesment SERVICE. So at the moment I am waiting for the full service they promised. Now after we have paid them and still dont get the service they promised then we both have only one option and that is to report and file a complaint with the national consumer protection act. But for now I will await my assesment...please once your assesment is complete please inform the rest of this group whether it is a scam or not. I will also keep everyone posted...
N  26th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hi dlrhl I am waiting for my assessments activation and results as I have already paid them R5400.00. Now if they don't provide us with the service then we can report them to the national consumer protection but until then I will wait for my assessments results. Please let us know how your assessments turns out...I will also keep everyone posted...
D  28th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
This is a clear scam, and I am sending you details.
After completing your transaction, you will receive a confirmation email with link to your online assessment form.
Please follow the link and fill in your details. After doing so, Ausfis will send you a personal assessment analysis
stating which visa you should be applying, the correct profession to nominate and how many points you have
towards this visa. When Purchasing a Double Assessment - Ausfis will assess both you and your spouse.

We Accept a Variety of Payment Options:

All payment methods use the highest level of internet security, protecting your online transaction.

Don't hesitate to contact the AUSFIS Organization through our online contact form, just use this link.

If you would like to unsubscribe, please use this link
Or send a postal request to the following address: Level 27, 101 Collins Street | Melbourne, VIC 300 | Australia
N  18th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
Their street address is for mailbox rental services - so this is obviously scam and you should'nt give them anything or any data. I was in the middle of my work when they callded, after initial conversation first thing they asked for credit card last digits, then wanted to know the rest, even cvv number and type of car, name that apears on the card and expiration date. I gave them stupidly everything, but didn't authorised to use it to clean up my account. The same moment I called my bank and cancel credit card. So they will be unable to use it..

Don't ever give anyone your credit card details - even your bank won't ask for them - so there is no need for anyone else to know them.

A  13th of Jul, 2014 by    0 Votes
they'd called me also, first i noticed it is a scam.. why? i signed up the form online and by 5-10min my phone rings and then booom AUFIS called me :D but i go with the flow. i answer all the questions they are asking. to make it short that lady told me that im very qualified and there are lot of job for me in australia and she is there as a "superhero- just making it exaggerated" to help me have the visa! and i answered wow thanks. then she's asking now about my credit card number so that they will deduct the assesment fees. i said wait i think we are very fast for that. she replied yes this is really quick your qualified by 1week you'll have the visa. haha lol are you fooling me she got upset :3 to pacify her a little i give her my debit account haha lol
N  31st of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
Be aware, this company does NOT operate out of Australia, so you're unable to make a complaint to any 'national consumer proctection authority'. And even if you could, you won't get your money back. Don't use this organisation - they prey on your hopes and dreams of moving overseas. You'll never see your money again, nor get the service you paid for.

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