AUL Warranties / Refusal to Pay

1 NC, United States

ANY CONSUMER who has purchased a [protected] Nissan Pathfinder please note:

AUL Administrators WILL NOT honor their warranty if the transmission and/or power train has FAILURE due to radiator issues. I bought a warranty thinking that I was safe for at least 3 years or 50, 000 miles; however, the radiator leaked some coolant into the transmission causing the transmission to burn up and FAIL. AUL refused to pay for any cost related to this incident and I only owned the car for 30 DAYS!!!

Lets just say, if you DO NOT buy the AUL warranty, all of you [protected] Nissan Pathfinder/Xterra owners will save $1, 000.00 dollars off of your bill for this incident; which by the way was $4, 900.00 dollars.

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