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AT&T Retail Store / salesperson ignorance

1 2643 SE Tualitan Valley HighwayHillsboro, OR, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 503-648-6222


This is regarding the AT&T Retail Store located at 2643 SE Tualitan Valley Highway in Hillsboro. The Store Manager is Rogelio Peguero and the phone number for the store is [protected].

On about November 23rd, I went into the location and informed the sales representative that I needed a belt clip for my iPhone. The sales person presented me with a Griffen Belt Clip that is an open face design. When I first went to use the clip, I noticed that the clip was not closing securely. Rather than use a clip that may result in my iPhone being lost, I waited until I had the chance to stop back by and exchange the defective unit. The salesperson exchanged it for another one and I verified that the clip closed fully. Approximately a week later I used the clip for the first time and my iPhone fell out of the clip and was lost. Unfortunately there was a large amount of snow on the ground when the phone fell and I was not able to locate the device. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the clip that the salesperson had sold for me was designed for the iPhone 3G. My iPhone was the original model and the salesperson knew this as he had actually held the phone when demonstrating how it clipped in place. When I contacted store manager Rogelio Peguero regarding this matter he informed me that his sales person probably should not have sold me that particular clip. When I asked him to meet me halfway on the replacement cost he refused and stated that it would be the same thing as him blaming me for it snowing. I pointed out to him that no one has control over it snowing, but his salespeople could control whether or not they sell the incorrect clip for a particular model of phone. Mr. Peguero also tried to tell me that he was meeting me halfway by offering me an upgrade to an iPhone 3G for $199.00 – I pointed out to him that this was not meeting me halfway since that was the price that people off the street would pay for the device anyway and he responded back by saying that it was more than halfway since the original phone had cost me $599.00 and this was less than half of that. I felt that this was a very “slippery” sales tactic type of answer. I also asked him for a means of contacting his supervisor and he flatly refused. I specifically asked him if he was refusing to put me in touch with his supervisor and he stated that he was. In parting I told him that it was disappointing as a consumer that there is no accountability at his location for his “expert” salespeople selling the wrong accessories, and he told me that he was sorry that I bought the wrong clip.

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